The Divine Bloodline is Born


Queen H’Utu, ruler of the Land of the Sands, was an ambitious ruler who brought prosperity and education to her people. She had explorers go out past the edge of the sands and cross the great warm waters. They had returned with news of a great green land where many crops could grow.

She sat down with her Council and it was decided that Princess Sahur and her family would be gifted these great lands to start a new kingdom.

05-30-18_10-50-15 AM.png

The voyage to Thebossos – The new Village, is successful and the royal family arrives safely. There is green foliage as far as the eye can see and the only thing that breaks this greenery up is the blue of the rivers and oceans.

The construction of the new kingdom is underway when they arrive, but a messenger is already waiting for them in the Throne room. The Princess must return, there has been a fire of some kind, and the Queen has been killed.

The Queen of Fire.jpg

The messenger told them that the Palace had been filled with a bright red light, and that the Ancient Gods had taken Queen H’Utu up into the sky. There must have been a fire because her ashes fell to the ground and covered the kingdom.

This is an unusual death, and the people believe it to be the work of the Gods. Princess Sahur returns to H’Utu Palace on her own. She must continue the tradition and place the dead Queen’s ashes in the Tomb of Gah-Gah.

the death of a queen.jpg

05-30-18_2-52-27 PM.png

Princess Sahur’s twin brother was not fit to rule over the kingdom. He wasn’t married nor did he have any heirs. The Queen’s twin girls were just newborn babies and weren’t ready to rule. Princess Sahur would have to reign over the Land of the Sands from her new post Thebossos.

The Council would have less power without the Queen, but the Princess Sahur had two things on her side: 1 She was of the Divine Bloodline, a direct descendant of the Queen H’Utu, and 2 she was with child.

05-30-18_2-53-42 PM.png

It was believed that the Ancient Gods from Queen H’Utu’s earliest childhood days were looking down on the Princess, and the people took up these ancient beliefs again with Princess Sahur leading them.

She returned to her new home of Thebossos – The New Village, with a new religious movement based on the mysterious life and disappearance of the Queen Who Never Aged. It was because of this divine family line that the Divine Bloodline was declared, which gave Sahur a new title – The Divine Empress Sahur.

the divine towers.jpg


The divine Empress Sahur Khufu.jpg

The people took to this new religion, and the legacy moved into the next historical era. Queen H’Utu, who started out as Utu Hunter, (and for some weird reason never aged up haha weird glitch of the game I decided to work into the story) passed on to the next realm and the legacy torch was passed to Sahur Khufu – The Divine Empress.

Queen H’Utu (previously Utu the Great) outlived 3 daughters, and was survived by 2 newborn twin daughters – Cleo and Alexia Hut. She outlived 3 granddaughters and was survived by one, (who is an elder). Princess Sahur was her great granddaughter, who has one daughter, Rashida Khufu, and is expecting another child. It is technically on generation 5. Some tasty tidbits about Utu Hunter! I don’t know why the game glitched like that but I enjoyed playing her anyway! I hope you enjoyed reading so far!







9 Comments Add yours

  1. audreyfld says:

    I thought she was a vampire which was why she never aged. What a strange glitch. Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I have no clue what happened!! Everyone else was fine. Luckily I liked her haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how you mentioned that it was a glitched that kept Queen H’Utu ageless because I was curious how much of the story is based around gameplay and how much of it is already written.
    Do you guide their lives by story or is the story written around their lives? Beutiful builds, as always. They add so much to the story and the feel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Story is written around their lives!! I guide it quite a bit but if something happens unexpectedly I go with it! That’s one of my favorite parts of the game actually haha is when it surprises me and something happens

      Liked by 1 person

  3. lisabeesims says:

    I have had an immortal sim before … no aging up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      It’s weird right? haha I actually love when the game glitches or some surprise death happens 😀 It’s just a more interesting story!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. oshizu584 says:

    Well, thanks for sharing the secret to Queen H’utu’s immortality. Must have been frustrating for her descendants to never rule, lol.
    Love your new builds of the Divine Towers and the city (town or village?) of Thebossos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Thanks! It’s so big it’s laggy haha

      Liked by 1 person

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