A Dark Friendship is born


The Divine Empress Sahur Khufu ruled over both the sandy lands of her Mother – Queen H’Utu- and the new lush lands her Mother had gifted to her. She lived in the beautiful Divine Towers with her family, and the villagers lived in Thebossos, a grand village not far from her towers.

She had married Ra and had 4 children by him. 3 of those children were the first children ever born in wedlock, and her daughter Rashida was being groomed to take over as ruler. She did not appear to have her Mother’s great powers of immortality, she was considered a beautiful older woman, but she was aging.

When she found out that Ra was having extra-marital relations with one of the villagers she had him killed. He was the first to break the vows of the very ceremony they had brought to their culture.

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The Divine Empress murders Ra, her husband, in a fit of jealous rage.

Ra’s remains were left in the temple where he died. The Divine Empress was found dead in her home not long after. It is believed that she died simply of old age.

The Divine Fields were constructed in honor of the Divine Empress, and her remains were housed there.

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Rashida became the new Empress, and Thebossos celebrated with a great party where she became of age, and took over as ruler of Thebossos.

Queen Rashida.jpg

She extended an invitation to The Huts to come live with her. They were the twin daughters of Queen H’Utu – She Who Never Aged, and technically her great-great aunties. They had been living in H’Utu Palace in the Land of the Sands.

The Huts.jpg

Cleo and Alexia Hut.

Closer in the family line to Queen H’Utu. She was considered everyone’s Mother because she lived so long and so many generations came from her. But they were the only living direct descendants.

They came to live with Queen Rashida in the Divine Towers as they were still too young to rule the Land of the Sands. But it had been Queen H’Utu’s wishes that they took over her palace when they were grown.

This is how Cleo and Aphrodosia Khufu – the daughter of The Divine Empress Sahur, and sister to Queen Rashida, came to meet each other. And this friendship has a big impact on both the Divine Bloodline and the kingdoms of Thebossos and The Land of the Sands.

dark friendship.jpg

The Huts – Alexia and Cleo – and Aphrodosia all come together and form their own fraternity, they are speaking publicly about The Divine Bloodline, and people are listening. They call themselves The Children Of the Stars.





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  1. It’s sad that the first marriage of the land ended in such tragedy. I wonder how that shaped the opinions of the people. We’re they even more weary of this new tradition?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I think most of them still follow and believe in the tradition. But you never know haha I might change my mind on a whim later teehee

      Liked by 1 person

  2. oshizu584 says:

    Oh Ra, how could you! He was such a handsome sim, though, with that great body and awesome hair.
    Hehe, Queen Sahur should not have been surprised since she continued to allow Ra to flit around topless with those bewitching abs!
    I bet all the female villagers were throwing themselves at him! o.O
    After the Royal Wedding, I was just thinking how nice it was that the males didn’t have to die after mating anymore. Oh well.

    On the plus side, Cleo Hut and her perky dreads is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Lol he was pretty attractive haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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