The Throne


Cleo and Alexia Hut, the last living daughters of Queen H’Utu – She Who Never Aged – have moved from the Land of the Sands, (Palace H’Utu where they were born) to live with Queen Rashida in The Divine Towers of Thebossos Village. They have made it in time for Queen Rashida’s wedding.

Queen Rashida marries Nikos Lagos at the newly constructed Temple Sahura, and at this event she announces to the kingdom that they are expecting a child.

06-24-18_11-29-03 AM.png

temple sahura.jpg

The Huts interrupt the wedding to announce their belief that they should be the Queens instead of Rashida. They have the support of Aphrodosia Khufu, who is the first child of Divine Empress Sahura to be born after her marriage to Ka. Many believe that this makes her stronger in the Divine Bloodline than Rashida, and therefore powerful. With her strong support of The Huts, many people in the Two Kingdoms are also in support of The Huts.

Children of the stars attend a wedding

Fearing for her new family’s safety Rashida agrees and bows down to The Huts, in return she will keep her seat in the Political Party. She will still serve her people.

The Divine Twins now rule over the Two Kingdoms, the large and lush island of Thebossos, and The Land of The Sands as well.

But soon after they’ve overthrown Queen Rashida, one of the twins is pregnant with no husband. Queen Alexia gives birth to a girl, but their culture’s beliefs about marriage, and the Divine Bloodline have clearly changed.

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Alexia, of the Divine Twins, one of the Queens of the Two Kingdoms is killed for having a baby out of wedlock. A disgrace for someone in her position. Aphrodosia becomes The Queen, and Cleo Hut, the surviving twin, takes Alexia’s baby girl, Agatha Hut, with her back to the Land of the Sands. She will remain a princess there, but Baby Agatha would not be next to sit on the throne.

queen aphrodosia.jpg

07-05-18_5-20-38 PM

divine family.jpg

Princess Eudocia Andreas is born, and she would be the next to rule when Queen Aphrodosia passes peacefully in her sleep after many years of a successful reign. She is still too young but her father Julius Andreas is still alive and councils her. Even as young as she is, she still takes the throne and contributes the majority of political decisions and actions.

queen eudocia andreas.jpg

Queen Eudocia Andreas – The young Queen.





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  1. oshizu584 says:

    Hmmmm, how do we know that someone didn’t set a honey trap for Alexia so that she’d transgress the laws on marriage and child-bearing?
    She was such a beautiful sim–I am sad about her fate.
    So much turmoil and change! Best wishes to Queen Eudocia Andreas!

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Don’t get too attached! I love killing sims 😀 lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oshizu584 says:

        rofl….I see. So it’s not just the Amazon Challenge rules, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. fabtiffsim says:

        Nope, I got inspired by the Amazon rules but I just make up my own and kill who ever I’m bored with hahahaha!


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