The Darkest Friendship

Cleo and Alexia Hut are the last surviving children of Queen H’Utu – She Who Never Aged and Ascended into the Sky. The greatest Queen who ever lived. And Cleo and her sister Alexia would like to be the next Queens.

pregnent rashida.jpg

They are attending Queen Rashida’s wedding, it’s a gloomy and rainy day, and the sea looks choppy from where Cleo stands on the balcony, the wind tangling her hair. Cleo is the leader of The Children of the Stars, and The Queen has just announced that she and her new husband are already expecting an heir, and Cleo knows they must act sooner rather than later.


They have won the favor of many people in the kingdom, including the support of Aphrodosia Khufu. She was the first child of The Divine Empress Sahura to be born after she was married, and claims to be stronger in the Divine Bloodline because of it. Rashida, her sister and the ruling Queen, was born before their parents invented the ceremony of marriage.


Aphrodosia is still young, but has announced her support to their claim to the title instead of her older sister’s. She stands beside the sisters as they confront the Queen and her new husband.

Children of the stars attend a wedding.jpg

The Queen is shocked, but many members of the village and the Political Party nod and agree: The Hut’s are the most divine of the Divine Bloodline, and therefore should be the leaders of their great kingdom. There are three very powerful women standing before Rashida and she makes a choice for her growing family’s safety and well-being.

Finally, Cleo and her sister Alexia are the Queens, as she (and many others) believe they should be.

So Rashida moves out of The Divine Towers for the first time in her life, and a Queen is challenged for the first time. The whole Two Kingdoms feels a little apprehensive, like anything could happen now.

Rainy Divine Towers.jpg

Alexia came to her sister one night upset. There was a beautiful man from the village that she had grown fond of, and he wanted to marry her. But Cleo thought her sister could find a better political match and convinced her not to marry this man. Cleo thought that as a Divine Twin, her sister Alexia should find someone who could help them solidify their place on the throne. They didn’t want to lose any ground over their new political position.

07-02-18_4-33-29 PM.png

07-02-18_4-33-47 PM.png

The Divine Twins regretted this decision as soon as it was clear that Alexia’s divine belly was growing and there was a divine baby who would be born out of wedlock.

preggo alexia

Everyone already knew she was pregnant and unmarried. How could this child be the next in line to rule over the Two Kingdoms?

Cleo Hut was very worried for her sister, and worried for how this would work out for them. They had barely been on the throne very long, and no one had ever overturned the government like they had before. She calls a meeting of the Child of the Stars.

aphrodosia confronts.jpg

Aphrodosia is unhappy that baby Agatha Hut was born out of wedlock, and refuses to acknowledge her place in the Divine Bloodline. She insults the baby and the mysterious father. She thinks The Huts belong back in The Land of the Sands. Cleo is furious and refuses to go. She can rule without her sister if needed!

Cleo hears the small gasp from behind her. Alexia holds her head up high and says that she has done nothing wrong, plenty of Royal babies had been born out of wedlock.

Before Cleo can apologize and take back her thoughts, Aphrodosia, once their biggest supporter, is attacking Alexia Hut, challenging her authority.

aphrodosia attacks.jpg

Poor Alexia is weak, she has recently given birth to Baby Agatha. She falls easily from Aphrodosia’s violent attack. From the ground she coughs and cries as Cleo weeps helplessly.

the darkest friendship.jpg

Alexia Hut whimpers to her sister to keep Baby Agatha safe. Cleo wipes her eyes as Alexia falls silent on the ground and speaks no more. Her Divine Twin is dead. Aphrodosia softly tells her that she and Baby Agatha should return to The Land of the Sands. Cleo Hut can keep order there for the new Queen Aphrodosia.







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  1. oshizu584 says:

    Oops, Cleo is actually the Divine Twin I favor.
    I’m sorry for Alexia and her tragic fate, but I’m happy that Cleo still lives.
    Will Cleo live safely without the support of Aphrodisia?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Jumping ship are you?! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oshizu584 says:

        Haha, I got confused which name went with which twin. ;D


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