Family Traditions

Aphrodosia Khufu was the daughter of The Divine Empress Sahur. But she was the second born child. Her sister Queen Rashida ruled over the Two Kingdoms.

Aphrodosia grew up happy in The Divine Towers with Rashida and her parents. But as she grew older there were whispers.

Her father was dead, and her Mother had killed him. Her Mother, Divine Empress Sahura was aging and weak, she would not outlive this heartbreak. Aphrodosia had been too young to understand fully, and was scared.

The Divine Empress Sahura did die not long after her husband, on the day of her sister’s birthday. Rashida became Queen the same day her Mother died.

But Aphrodosia grew up in a time where the people of the Two Kingdoms celebrated marriage, and it’s sanctity. And she understood that Rashida had not been born inside of their parent’s marriage, she was born before.

So when the whispers turned to the two twins making their way to The Divine Towers, and about their Divine Bloodline, Aphrodosia was curious. They were daughters of the great Queen H’Utu. All three of them had stronger Divine Blood.

Children of the stars attend a wedding

Cleo and Alexia Hut approach the young Aphrodosia about forming their own party. Not the Political Party, but their own exclusive affiliation. They call themselves The Children of The Stars.

Queen Rashida bows down to their claim that The Huts should be ruling the Two Kingdoms. The Divine Twins take over and Aphrodosia feels empowered that the Kingdoms agree that she has very Divine Blood running within her veins.

But the weather has changed in Thebossos. The skies are spilling water, and flashing bright lights. The slap and crack and roar is frightening, and the people of Thebossos have never seen anything like this.

Rainy Divine Towers

From the mists comes a strange creature, almost human, but not quite. She befriends Aphrodosia, whispers little secrets in her ear. She giggles and wiggles and the two become close friends.

06-26-18_1-04-42 PM


The whispers turn to her alliance with The Huts. The Divine Twins.

And how they belong in The Land of the Sands, not here in Thebossos.

This blue haired creature awakens Aphrodosia’s desire to make the Kingdoms right. Her conviction is only strengthened by a mistake on the Divine Twins part. Queen Alexia is pregnant, and unmarried. This is exactly how the Kingdoms went wrong with Aphrodosia’s own sister: Rashida.

Rashida had followed the rules as Queen, found a husband and her baby was born after they were wed. This baby was an insult to Aphrodosia’s family and the Divine Bloodline.

They clearly are not in control anymore. And the Blue Haired Creature had been correct. Aphrodosia knew she belonged on the throne instead of the Divine Twins.

07-03-18_10-03-11 AM.png

The Divine Twins didn’t have much of an argument against her case, Cleo Hut would have turned on her sister easily if it kept herself in power, and this sends Aphrodosia’s blood into a rolling boil. She quickly, and easily, strikes down Alexia Hut, the mother of the new baby. Alexia dies from these wounds.

But Aphrodosia is not without a heart. This sacrifice was for the good of the Two Kingdoms, not for her own power. As she leaves Cleo to grieve the death of her Divine Twin, Aphrodosia quietly tells her to take the baby with her to The Land of the Sands, where Cleo can keep the peace for her. She and the baby will remain safe, and contain some power for they are still part of the Divine Bloodline.

But they will not rule over The Two Kingdoms while Aphrodosia, now the Queen of the Two Kingdoms, is alive. She will never allow it.

queen aphrodosia


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  1. oshizu584 says:

    Will we learn more about the blue-haired creature from the mists?

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I was hoping to see her again too, but I think the sim died before I could use her again!!! She was cute right?!

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      1. oshizu584 says:

        Awwww no! Couldn’t she have, like, a secret twin sister? Lol

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