Julius Andreas was a villager of high rank when he found out that Queen Alexia of the Divine Twins was dead. Everyone knew she was pregnant and unmarried, but no one knew he was the mysterious man that had laid with her. He was devastated to find out she was dead.

Julius Andreas.jpg

He knew that Alexia’s sister, Cleo Hut, knew that he was the father of this bastard child. But he didn’t know if she knew that he had tried to do right by his family. He had proposed to Queen Alexia and she had refused him.

07-02-18_4-33-29 PM

She was dead because of it now, and he would never really understand why.

He had no rights to his daughter, Baby Agatha. She was being raised by Cleo Hut, her aunt, and soon she would take her back to the Land of the Sands where he might never see her again.

new mother

But something is working in his favor… the new Queen Aphrodosia has taken notice of him. He has risen up the ranks and is recognized around the village as someone with influence. He takes a chance and pursues the New Queen’s interests.

2nd love.jpg

He is married to the Queen Aphrodosia in Temple Sahura and rises as high as any man in the Two Kingdoms can.

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They have a daughter, a tiny little baby girl part of the Divine Bloodline. His own flesh and blood will sit on the throne and run the Two Kingdoms, will be more important than he ever could be. She will be a Queen, for she is the first daughter born of Queen Aphrodosia.

father julius.jpg

But he does not forget the daughter he did not know. But he also does not see her again until the day she dies.

There is talk from the Land of the Sands that Agatha has taken a dark path from her home at H’Utu Palace. She has lead a group of warriors into the Jungle, they have taken with them the palace’s gold supply. They are known as Jungle Pirates, and they will steal from any of the rich civilians traveling between the two kingdoms.

The people are saying that this is because of her mother’s Royal Betrayal, because of Baby Agatha’s un-traditional birth out of wedlock.

But the leader of the Jungle Pirates crawls onto the steps of The Divine Towers not long after the news has been heard all over the Two Kingdoms. Agatha herself falls to the ground, but slowly pulls herself up.

She is grown, she is beautiful, and she is clearly ill. She cries out that the Jungle will devour any Divine Blood, and then stops… her eyes have rolled back into her skull and she collapses to the ground.

agatha dies of poison.jpg

Agatha the Jungle Pirate is dead on the ground, the father she would never know she had watches as she dies. She is carried away and it is determined that she has died of poison, likely something got her in the deep and mysterious jungle.

07-18-18_4-37-55 PM.png

Julius knew of a little room in a tower of the Divine Towers that his wife, Queen Aphrodosia would never have need to go to. He took Agatha the Jungle Pirate’s remains there and let them be.

the great father.jpg

the great father 2.jpg

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