The Young Queen has a friend

Queen Eudocia does not lose her composure when it’s decided that she is too young to rule on her own. She does not disagree or make any kind of face when her Uncle comes to assist her. King Maat is the first King the Two Kingdoms has ever had. But he is aging, and so is The Queen. For one of them this is a positive force of nature.

the aging king.jpg

After the construction of Khufu Keep is completed and the Divine Bloodline moves in, word gets to Eudocia that Maat Khufu has been found dead. There is no one else, she is close enough of age, she will be the Queen and no one will rule over top of her.

07-27-18_11-36-37 AM.png

The Young Queen Eudocia

Their new home is more sheltered than the open windows and arches of Thebossos. But the weather is much rainier and cold. The thick walls of Khufu Keep are strong and keep the Young Queen warm. She has plans for the village around the Keep.

The Keep in autumn.jpg

Hutstead Village.jpg

The Young Queen did not lose her composure when the small village that grew near The Keep was named after her predecessor.

The Young Queen also did not lose her composure when her younger cousin, Princess Xenia Khufu announced her royal engagement. Even though Princess Xenia’s father had been King Maat The First, Queen Eudocia had taken over after his death. But she was very aware that her young and beautiful cousin could hold a claim to the throne. Luckily this young woman was focused on making little baby princesses and princes with her new fiance.

the princess engagement.jpg

The two women had grown to be close friends since Princess Xenia and her father King Maat the First had come to live with Eudocia. So The Young Queen told her cousin that there would be a beautiful building constructed for their wedding, and it would be a place of great honor and tradition.

the ancestoral house of hut.jpg

The Ancestral House of Hut was quaint and sturdy even in the Winter Solstice days. Princess Xenia was grateful and happy on her big day and the Former Two Kingdoms celebrated.

08-07-18_1-31-32 AM.png

And even when the newly married Princess came to the Queen to announce how happy she was to be married, and to announce to Eudocia that she was with her first child, the Young Queen did not grimace. She smiled sweetly at her cousin and told her she was excited for her.

the princess is pregnant.jpg

She was happy for their growing family, because she and her cousin had always been close. Ever since her uncle, King Maat the First, and Princess Xenia’s father, had intruded into Eudocia’s home and sat his man-ass on her throne. She loved Princess Xenia like a sister.

happy for you.jpg


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  1. lisabeesims says:

    All caught up from the summer time! The pics and the story is a delight .. so rich and colorful!


    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Well shucks! That’s very nice of your to say *blushes*


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