Baby Agatha – The Story of the Rebellion against the Divine Bloodline.

new mother.jpg

Baby Agatha was born in The Divine Towers of Thebossos, the green and lush lands over the great waters. She was raised by her Aunt, Cleo Hut, who had once been Queen with her twin sister: Alexia Hut. Alexia had also been Agatha’s birth mother.

Agatha’s mother, Alexia, was killed for making a baby outside of marriage, and Agatha was taught that this was unacceptable. Agatha could never be a princess or a Queen because of her mother’s mistakes.

But Agatha would grow up to start a rebellion against the Divine Bloodline. She was responsible for leading the warriors to the deep and dark jungle, where she unfortunately succumbs to a poisonous plant. She dies from this injury but the news of her passing is very interesting to another young woman who feels she too has been passed over because of customs and ritual. Someone who shares a distaste for tradition.

agatha dies of poison

daphne lagos

Daphne Lagos was born to a Queen, but the throne was taken away from her family, AND QUEEN WHAT is the first Queen to be overthrown. Her mother lived out the rest of her life as a humble member of the Political Party. Daphe leaves her respected life in the Village of Thebossos to run a trading post on the trail to the Jungle. A resting place for the Jungle Pirates and other rough characters of the Two Kingdoms.

The Hut.jpg

07-27-18_11-08-55 AM.png

The Hut was named after Agatha, and Daphne becomes a Jungle Pirate. The Jungle Pirates are known for both their criminal activities, and their resistance to traditions. They don’t kneel for the Divine Bloodline.

Daphne leads the Jungle Pirates to The Keep where Queen Eudocia lives. She leads the Jungle Pirates in an attack against The Keep, and they are wild, erratic fighters. Their unorganized style of fighting overwhelms the unprepared Queen’s Army.

The Queen had been preoccupied with a royal wedding, not her own, but of her cousin. A portion of the Army had been helping with the construction and protection of a village nearby.

08-07-18_1-49-16 PM.png

08-07-18_1-49-31 PM.png

The Queen tried to run from the Pirate attack, but the strength of The Keep was not enough to outsmart the Pirates. They made their way over the deep pits surrounding the Keep, into the deep walls, and The Young Queen was captured. She was held as Daphne and The Jungle Pirate’s prisoner.

The war with the pirates.jpg

Daphne kills The Young Queen Eudocia with her barehands, plunging a wooden stake into her prisoner’s chest.

death of the young queen.jpg

She sits down on the dead Queen’s throne, the very place that had caused her own mother’s heartbreak and humiliation, the symbol of a system that kept her new people repressed and outside of the law.

She is the Queen now.

She is the Pirate Queen now.

the pirate queen.jpg


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