The Young Queen

queen eudocia andreas

The Young Queen – Queen Eudocia Andreas

The Young Eudocia is too young to rule on her own when her mother passes into the spirit realm. She is not quite a full grown lady of the court yet. While she is underage her father, Julius Andreas is the Queen’s Regent, but has been losing the people’s faith. He’s seen by the people as sad and weak. There are many rumors of tears and meltdowns.

sad julius.jpg

Not only are the people losing faith in Julius Andreas, there are Jungle Pirates that attack and rob the rich citizens of the villages. Traveling has become unsafe and crime is much more violent and prevalent.


There is also worry and whispers about Julius Andreas and his health, it is starting to fade with age and it isn’t long before the Two Kingdom’s fears are realized. Julius passes quietly and alone in the Divine Towers.

julius andreas dies.jpg

But Queen Eudocia – The Young Queen was much too young to rule on her own still. It was decided that the next in line of succession was Maat Khufu – the BROTHER of Aphrodosia and Rashida.

The First King.jpg

He is an old man now, but has been an important part of the Political Party. He and his daughter Xenia Khufu move to The Divine Towers and help Queen Eudocia rule over the Two Kingdoms until she is of age.

The Political Party comes together to discuss the weather and climate of Thebossos. It is colder and rainier and they can’t stay here. They have lived through snow falls and many heavy rains. They should seek a new home. They will send out explorers to find new lands to conquer.


The explorers come back with tales of new lands where no one is living. It is time to follow the birds again. They follow the birds across the great waters. It is cold and wet but it is safe and their crops will grow well. It is much more closed in and sturdy. They will stay drier and warmer.

Khufu Keep.jpg

It’s named after Maat Khufu but he does not spend much time there. He succumbs to old age not long after Khufu Keep is fully constructed, leaving Eudocia to finally take her rightful place on the new throne.

07-27-18_11-37-21 AM.png

The Young Queen will build up a new world here in the dark woods. She will start her own reign and build up a new village around Khufu Keep. She is strong and ready.

The Young Queen Eudocia.jpg

Young Queen Eudocia.jpg

But this Young Queen will be the first of the Divine Bloodline to not produce an heir. The customs and traditions that her royal family have followed for generations will be broken and she will not keep her Two Kingdoms united as one.

As her Divine blood spills on the floor everyone in the Keep counts down to midnight, when she finally takes her last breath and dies. The people would forever count down to midnight, when the Young Queen would pass and a new year and a new time would begin. They called it New Years Eve.








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