A Revolution begins

It is lovely and warm during spring in Thebossos, and the Two Kingdoms are celebrating like they do every spring. They celebrate the divine sanctity of marriage, and how important this custom is.

Daphne Lagos is the daughter of Rashida, once the Queen of the Two Kingdoms, but was overthrown by the Divine Twins, supported by Daphne’s Aunt, the now Queen Aphrodosia.

She is interested in the news being told around Thebossos. Agatha Hut, daughter of the Disgraced Divine Twin – Alexia Hut, had lead a pack of warriors into the Jungle and started their own band of Jungle Pirates. They had been only mildly successful because Agatha had not survived the dangerous jungle, and she had died from some kind of jungle poison.

07-18-18_2-47-53 PM.png

It was fascinating to the young woman. Like Agatha, her own mother had not survived Queen Aphrodosia’s ambitions. Daphne’s mother, Rashida was no longer alive to be tortured by the disgrace and shame of bowing down to Queen Aphrodosia. Daphne was now very alone.

daphne lagos.jpg

But she loved the stories of the wild young woman who would not bow down to a Queen who stole her family’s honor. She loved the idea of revenge. She could have a good life here in Thebossos, but she could have also been Queen Daphne.

She has a typical Thebossos life in the Two Kingdoms, but she wants more. She hears about the trail that the Jungle Pirates are traveling on while harassing the good citizens of the Two Kingdoms. Along that trail is where she builds The Hut.

The Hut.jpg

The Hut, named in honor of Agatha Hut, is a place for travelers on the trail to stop and eat, have a cheap drink. It’s a favorite hang out of the pirates.

The Jungle Pirates aren’t the only ones stopping at The Hut. Daphne gets to know the locals of the area, the low-born residents, others that have not been blessed by these ancient gods that shine down on the Divine Bloodline. People with thoughts and opinions that are different from the people living in the villages.

Daphne’s life as a low ranking member of the Divine Bloodline slowly burns out as her attentions move more and more towards this bustling hot-spot, and her reputation as a rebellion grows stronger.

But her past continues to haunt her. She spends many nights alone, her melancholy thoughts making it difficult to get close to others, they find her upsetting. Her chaotic theories and plans were hard to keep up with or support.

sad old daphne.jpg

She is too old to feel the stir of a babe inside her. If she had been Queen Daphne she could have married. Or maybe not? And she would be a disappointment. These thoughts chase her at night, round and round in circles.

But she is still brilliant, and the Jungle Pirates follow her plan and attack The Keep. The Young Queen Eudocia, who is no longer so young, is captured by Daphne, who is known to fight with an irregular style and is very unpredictable.

08-07-18_1-49-16 PM

Daphne takes The Young Queen to the throne room, where she whispers to herself a small prayer about a Goddess and a Big Blue Eye. She does not hesitate, she strikes The Queen to the ground and plunges a wooden stake into her chest.

death of the young queen

She hadn’t even had a moment to think. She gasps for air, the adrenaline that fueled her rage slowing. She sits down on a chair while she waits for her breath to slow, and her mind to clear.

She realizes with a heavy thud that she has killed Queen Eudocia.

Next she searches her mind for any regret and finds none. She is not surprised by her own lack of remorse, but relieved that she had the resolve to do the difficult things that needed to be done.

She thinks to herself that she would make a good Queen.

the pirate queen

The villagers do not resist or complain when the bloody woman declared that The Young Queen was dead, and they would be ruled over by the true Queen of All the Lands. She herself would take over the throne and anyone who defied her would be met with violence.

The villagers were just happy that the short but bloody battle was now over.

She claims to rule over All Lands, and makes rulings and laws that favor trade and travel along the same main roads that she had lead her small pirate army. This new traffic was good and created even more exchange between all the different regions.

But so many years of feeling ashamed for her own mother, Rashida, once known as Queen Rashida, had left Daphne bitter and angry. She was cruel to any members of the Divine Bloodline, and the most Divine of the bloodline was Princess Xenia.

The Pirate Queen tortured and then threw the Princess Xenia into a dark and lonely cell, deep in the basement of Khufu Keep.

08-20-18_1-41-01 PM

08-20-18_1-50-20 PM






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