The Rise of the Pirate Queen

Daphne The Pirate Queen was now in power after leading a successful attack on Khufu Keep that lead to the murder of Queen Eudocia. She fought for freedom from the traditions that kept so many below the Divine Bloodline. She fought for revenge against the family that had shamed and overthrown her mother’s position as Queen. She hated to admit that she fought for her own power back.

She hated the Divine Bloodline, and what was left was Princess Xenia.

08-20-18_1-41-01 PM

The Princess had tried to bow down to The Pirate Queen, and declare her loyalty, but this was exactly what Daphne had lead a rebellion against. Pirates didn’t believe in marriage and duty. The Pirate Queen struck down this poster-child of tradition. She beat her so that she knew there would be no more Divine blood against the kingdoms. There would be no more kingdoms. She would set All The Lands free from this Matriarchy.

Princess Xenia was locked in the dungeon.

The Pirate Queen commanded better travel conditions between all of the different lands, and she herself traveled down the roads, this time as The Pirate Queen, and had a beautiful Fortress built in The Jungle.

the fortress on the falls 2

Her most loyal friend and now, Royal Advisor, Alexander Sparrow came to her with news. Not only had Princess Xenia given birth to a baby boy, but there were villagers and nobles that spoke openly about this boy being part of the Divine Bloodline. Even though she had fought for their freedom, they wanted to believe this family was still above them.

08-20-18_4-43-10 PM.png

They were reading literature that spoke strongly about a revolt against her. The books were written by Princess Xenia’s husband, Bruno The Brave. He had written against Queen Eudocia before her, and now he had many people believing that Princess Xenia was the answer.

She prepared her Pirates for a war against the Political Party. They could not stand for this.

She wasn’t afraid to fight the Political Party, these were people who spent their lives inside castles reading books, playing chess and being pampered. Her Jungle Pirates had already won a battle against their army.

08-20-18_5-49-36 PM.png

So many years of being looked down upon because of these traditions, so many years of sadness and loneliness, Daphne’s aging body and lack of children or a husband, all of these emotions and all of these memories flashed before the Pirate Queen’s eyes, and her broken heart throbbed sadness throughout her whole body. She was blinded by her own melancholy thoughts.


Bruno overtakes her, and The Pirate Queen is killed by a man who married into the Divine Bloodline. He wasn’t even a direct descendant.

death to the pirate queen

Daphne the Pirate Queen falls in battle. Death comes for her, and the Pirates scatter across the battlefield, leaving her body. Leaving her political views and everything that she stood for. They retreated back to their own homes, the Jungle, or perhaps to the freedom of the wide open roads of All the Lands.

death of the pirate queen.jpg


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