Bruno the Brave

Bruno Burghard was a brilliant and talented writer, and many people in All The Lands read his material. His words spread farther around All The Lands than any other writer before him, the books could easily travel from region to region now that the Pirate Queen had won a short bloody battle against the Divine Bloodline, and opened up trading and travel routes.

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His words were always strong and truthful. He wrote many books about Queen Eudocia and her nasty temper. His wife, Princess Xenia, who was the cousin of Queen Eudocia, had always loved the Queen, but he had his own suspicions.

After Queen Eudocia was murdered by Daphne, the new Pirate Queen, his words were sad. The traditions were all thrown out the window, it was chaos in the villages where Jungle Pirates and other low-brow citizens were free to do what they wanted, and sometimes the villagers were fighting against the Pirates. Violence and crime were at way higher concentrations than before.

But after his little son was born, Bruno knew he had to fight harder. The Pirate Queen was so adamantly against the Divine Bloodline that he not only feared for his baby boy’s life, he feared for his wife’s too.

The Pirate Queen took out her revenge on Princess Xenia, torturing her while she was pregnant, and then eventually just throwing her into the cells of Khufu Keep, the very place her own father, King Maat – The First King, had ruled.

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When the Political Party went to war against Daphne the Pirate Queen, Bruno and Daphne come face to face, their political views finally being fought out physically.


death to the pirate queen.jpg

Bruno and the Political Party are victorious when Bruno defeats Daphne the Pirate Queen with his own bare hands.

After the Pirates abandon Daphne’s lifeless body, Bruno the Brave is off to the dungeons to retrieve his Princess bride. The little family is reunited but scarred from their battles with the Pirates. But they are to be the Divine Royal Family and need to put on a brave front. Bruno and Princess Xenia will now be the Queen and King of All the Lands.

The Divine Royal Family.jpg

The Brave Queen is injured from her ordeal, so the Divine Royal Family takes a journey to the Thebossos Healing Waters, where everyone can rest and celebrate the kingdom’s return to the Divine Bloodline. They call the day The Almighty Inauguration day. Horns ring out, songs are sang, and All the Lands are rejoicing their victory over the Rebellion.

thebossos healing waters.jpg






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