The downfall of the Divine Bloodline.

The pirate Queen2.jpg

Daphne the Pirate Queen has been defeated by Bruno the Brave, who started a revolution against the rogue queen with well-written literature. The mother of his son, Princess Xenia was released from the dungeons, and the two were declared Queen and King of All the Lands.


They celebrated with an Almighty Inauguration Day and there was a big ceremony in the Thebossos Healing Waters.

The Divine Royal Family

For years Queen Xenia is known as the Brave Queen, and under her rule the Kingdom became very rich and prosperous. The abuse she survived was forever evident on her beautiful face.

the brave queen.jpg

She spends much of her life pregnant with child, but she did not provide the Kingdom an heir. She birthed three strong baby boys, but no baby girls.

The Kingdom is in an uproar that The Brave Queen is the first to not give birth to a Princess. She is much too old to give birth to another baby, and yet the aging Queen was carrying a fourth child within her Royal Womb. There is a riot and the Brave Queen is attacked while traveling. But she won back the warmth and support of her subjects when she traveled back to Khufu Keep, pregnant and alone.

The Brave Queen.

the old queen

But it was not enough. When the Brave Queen gives birth to her fourth baby boy there is an uprising in the villages. It was the Queen’s duty to provide an heir, and it had to be a princess.

The villagers stormed the walls of The Keep, and the King and Queen were dragged out and murdered.

an uprising.jpg

At first, Prince Rowan and his younger brothers are spared, and he makes a promise to the angry mob that he would wed the scary woman who is their leader. He would take her hand and create a new divine bloodline.

10-08-18_12-58-57 PM.png

the royal couple

Ninola Garcia lives in The Keep over the winter, but the Prince never marries her, and she stabs the Prince to death before announcing that she will instead marry his younger brother Brava Burghard.

10-14-18_10-48-04 PM

The Royal Couple.







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