The scary Hooded Woman

The Kingdom was outraged. The Brave Queen had given them four princes, and not one heir. The villagers talked, they held rallies, and finally a dark figure rose above the crowd, and her voice was strong over the chatter. Her dark hood was intimidating and the villagers listened when she told them they must fight against this outrage. The Brave Queen could not be the true Queen if she didn’t carry a princess in her Royal Womb. The dark hooded woman gained popularity within the villages, and her following grew. She convinced most that they needed to take down the Divine Bloodline because how divine could it be with four sons?

When they stormed the Keep it wasn’t hard to claim the aging King and Queen. The dark hooded woman dragged them to the Ancestoral House of Hut and their throats were slit, the Divine Bloodline spilled onto Holy ground.

an uprising

But their sons were alive, and Prince Rowan pleaded with the hooded woman. He offered his hand in marriage to her, she could rule with him, and they would start a new Royal Bloodline.

10-07-18_4-21-50 PM.png

He was afraid of her. She slaughtered his parent’s so effortlessly. She was strong, but a common person. But it could keep him and his brothers alive. So he would marry the terrifying woman.

10-08-18_12-58-57 PM

She joins the family in Khufu Keep. She is strong and beautiful. She tells Prince Rowan that her name is Ninola Garcia. She is much less terrifying without her mask of murder and revolution.

ninola garcia.jpg

The Prince sometimes tries to win over the dark mysterious Ninola, and he sometimes feels crushed by shame and grief. He swings back and forth between charming and meek and then back to flirtatious and humiliated.

Ninola had been the leader of the angriest mob to bring down the Divine Couple, but she truly loved the idea of marrying a Prince and wearing a beautiful gown. She wanted to be a Princess! She wanted to be kissed and loved by this man!

But the relationship is moving slowly, and the wedding plans haven’t been finalized. She starts to wear the creepy mask instead of her new fancy robes and dresses.

10-13-18_12-39-30 PM.png

When the snow is finally starting to yield and the cold harsh winter was over, news got to Prince and Ninola that a young servant girl had been found dead in the bathing chambers, so the Royal Couple left the Keep so it could be cleaned.

Ninola was unusually quiet and sulky. The young kitchen girl was her sister that she had brought quietly to the Keep so she could have a friend with her. And now her beautiful young sister was dead and Ninola was alone with no crown.

10-14-18_10-18-35 PM

She should never have allowed this whiny little man to continue living after she killed his parents. He should have died with them on that cold autumn day. So she kills Prince Rowan right outside of the walls of Khufu Keep.

10-14-18_10-33-18 PM

She must do what is right, there must be an heir from the Divine Bloodline. So she announces to the Kingdoms that she will marry Prince Rowan’s younger brother, Brava Burghard.

10-14-18_10-48-04 PM.png





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  1. audreyfld says:

    Oh my. I wonder who killed her sister? Well, she figured it was the oldest brother….somslit his throat and move tomthe next one in line…she still has three more to go through! She is pretty. But ruthless…..will there ever be a ruler that is compassionate? Hmmm….probably never

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      haha where’s the fun in that? 😉


  2. lisabeesims says:

    She is seriously tough .. no nonsense at all

    Liked by 1 person

      1. lisabeesims says:

        Lol yes she is indeed

        Liked by 1 person

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