Ysmay was excited to move into Khufu Keep with her sister! It was safe and warm, or so she thought.

She worked in the basement of the Keep, and one dark night it started to snow. It was cold and damp in the basement, but the water in the basin kept her hands from freezing. She heard someone come down the stairs and approach her. It was the beautiful young Prince Brava.

He greeted her and told her she had a beautiful neck. She felt the hairs on the back of this neck stand up, and a chill ran down her spine that wasn’t from the snow.

10-08-18_11-32-42 AM

She knew it was magic that made her stand up and let the young prince come close to her. She was unsure why his kisses felt like fire and pain. He only kissed her neck, and then let her go, but she knew it was her first real encounter with something other than the mundane life of a villager. Something her mother and grandmother whispered about at night after she and her sister were put to bed. She was afraid and intrigued.

She was so exhausted. She felt dirty and tired. She went to the bathing room to pour herself a hot bath. But she collapsed and hit her head on the tub.

10-14-18_9-33-58 PM.png

She died alone in that little bathroom. And no one found her body for the whole day.

Ninola Garcia was devastated by her sister’s untimely death. She was just so sad all the time. Her relationship with Prince Rowan was going nowhere, she would need to produce an heir, and she wasn’t even married into the Divine Bloodline.

10-14-18_10-18-35 PM.png

10-14-18_10-32-46 PM.png

10-14-18_10-33-18 PM.png

Something must be done. This was supposed to be a revolution against a Queen who could only provide male heirs.

Ninola Garcia stabs and murders Prince Rowan, the man she was betrothed to, and later announces to the Kingdoms that she will be wed to his younger brother – Brava Burghard.

10-14-18_10-48-04 PM





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