Return to faith

Brava Burghard, the eldest surviving member of the Divine Bloodline is betrothed to Ninola Garcia – The Hooded woman who led a rebellion against his royal family, and killed both his parents and his older brother. But Ninola was a hard and scary woman, and Brava announced that he would fight against this heathen woman instead.

A war raged in the kingdoms, and it lasted many years. But Brava would emerge the victor over the Dark Hooded Woman, and the rebellious villagers that followed her were labeled as traitors and sinners against the Divine Bloodline. They were all sentenced to death and the streets of the Kingdoms ran with blood.

10-20-18_7-43-17 PM

King Brava had Burghard Castle built, and the Divine Bloodline moved to the misty and dark cliff and expanded their reign even further.

Burghard Castle

King Brava was a scary and violent ruler. He had strange mannerisms that the Kingdom had never seen before. It was rumored that he could shapeshift into the form of a bat, and flew around at night. Times were violent and bizarre. The villagers were afraid of him and his Forbidden Brotherhood.

His first wife was young and pretty, and she gave birth to a baby girl, Matilda Powers. But the young queen Chaya didn’t survive the Vampire Wars.

11-04-18_6-53-37 PM

11-11-18_6-52-24 AM

The Vampire Wars were a long and bloody time for the Kingdom. Members of the Forbidden Brotherhood lashed out at the cruel King Brava, and they fought under the light of the moon. After the triumphant King Brava conquered Aahana and her troops, and the Kingdom was quiet and peaceful, he remarried a beautiful woman from The Land of the Sands. Isis Hut.

isis hut

The child from his first marriage was a dark and brooding baby girl, but the Kingdoms rejoiced, for the Divine Bloodline was true and strong once again! Despite King Brava’s violence and wars he was beloved by his subjects. This baby girl would restore peace and prosper.

11-16-18_11-58-36 AM

Princess Matilda Powers’s birth brought hope and faith back to the villager’s hearts, and the Divine Family was hailed as Dark and Divine.

When his new bride Isis Hut gave birth to a strong baby boy, the Kingdoms rejoiced and celebrated, and King Brava had the royal court and the Divine Bloodline move into a new castle: The House of Isis was luxurious and polished like no other palace before it.

the house of isis.jpg

the divine royal bloodline











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