Brotherly Devotion

Benedict Burghard’s first memory from his childhood is a foggy room by the pool where his brother Brava held a kitchen girl in his arms, gently slurping at her neck. He was frightened, the room was very chilly and he ran through the halls of The Keep to get away.

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As he grew older his brother gained an even darker reputation around the Kingdoms. They were already dark and scary times, Benedict knew that he and his brothers were in danger. A dark scary woman lived in The Keep with them, and she didn’t like Benedict. But as Benedict grew older and more fearful, his brother Brava grew stronger and scarier. He declared war on the scary woman, and Benedict was witness to much violence and death.

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But Brava won the war. He told his brothers not to fear anymore! They were free of Ninola Garcia and her ungodly followers.

They moved into a castle and it was very grand and their family was finally safe. But Benedict was an emotional young man and he took out his rage on the castle staff.

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He put his anger to good use and joined the Burghard Army with his brother. He stayed out of King Brava’s way and turned a cheek to all of the rumors of shape-shifters, night walkers, and blood drinking.

It was not all bad for Benedict Burghard, there was a beautiful young lady from the Islands that he enjoyed a romantic friendship with. She was curly haired and free like most of the peoples from the Islands and it made the young man dream of more carefree times.

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The young Island girl eventually gave birth to a baby, but it was outside of wedlock so this baby would not be considered for the throne. But most people accepted that this baby would have some Divine Bloodline and therefore it would be just a little bit special.

But even this didn’t convince the fearful Benedict to marry the island girl. He loved her all of his life but he never married.

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Then one cold winter day he found himself in the basements of Burghard Castle. He couldn’t remember ever being so cold…

brotherly love.jpg

King Brava was with him in the frigid basement. He snuck up behind Benedict to frighten and startle him. He was angry that Benedict was not married and contributing to the Divine Bloodline. It was his Divine Duty. His brother, The Vampire King, was hissing, and spitting like a cat. Benedict was afraid of his brother, there was no one to stop him.

Benedict’s worst nightmare came true, and he finally understood what he saw so many years ago in a different castle…

brotherly love 2.jpg

The pain was overwhelming and the sheer terror that his own brother could perform such a heinous act broke poor Benedict’s heart in half, or so it felt, and he faded to black after his heart exploded in pain.






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