Benedict Burghard dies twice.

Benedict Burghard was tortured by his brother, King Brava for many days. But when he felt the world fading to black a figure appeared to him. She was strong and dark, and she spoke to him about the Land of the Sands and how he must be strong. She told him that she had been pulled up into the heavens and lived there still, even though her days on their planet had been long, long ago. She was beautiful and terrible to behold.

The Queen of Fire

And then he awoke. He was still alive, he had survived his brother’s attack. The castle physicians cleaned him up, and he spent many days recovering but when he finally made a public appearance, his brother, The Vampyre King, told him that he had demonstrated a great connection to the Divine Bloodline, and was clearly strong. He wanted to make him a Lord, and grant him his own palace in the Land of the Sands.

benedict survives.jpg

benedict palace.jpg

The new Queen – Isis Hut, loves the new palace, so the Divine Royal Family spends much time there, bringing Benedict much honor and confidence. Maybe too much.

He grows brave, and he becomes angry. His childhood had been terrifying and he hates his brother, The King Brava very much. His rage boils in his Divine Blood. He challenges King Brava and they fight, even in the light of morning! The sun’s rays weaken the King’s strange and malevolent powers.

12-04-18_2-31-27 PM.png

But even in the light of day, Benedict can not defeat his masterful brother. His life flashes before his eyes, the sad lonely adolescence, the petrified and confused child… he doesn’t wish to fight his brother any longer.

benedict dies again.jpg

– Broke a bunch of cc because I was too lazy or missed the update or something. I’m almost to a place where I know what the crap I’m doing teehee –





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