Makayla Romanos – The Potion Maker

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Makayla Romanos was the secret love-child of Benedict Burghard, the murdered brother of King Brava. She was kind, unlike her Divine uncle. But as she got older she realized that she had the same scary hunger that the King was rumored to have.

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But she was reluctant to make herself drink from another human, it was horrifying and her uncle, the King of the Vampires, had murdered her father, his very own brother! She was starving and making herself sick.

She left the busy streets of Windenburg Village and retreated to the Deep Woods, where the water fell from the heavens in a loud crashing and booming. There was a lonely house out there that Makayla planned on settling in for awhile. She planned on breaking the code of this dangerous hunger.

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the house in the woods.jpg

She was unwell. She rarely tasted the blood of the humans, and she felt terrible. She would have to find a way to survive this strange affliction that affected the Burghard bloodline.

Inside the lonely little house Maykala found a magical object that showed her secrets and strange riddles. It glowed and it swirled and she was mesmerized by the curious colors. She thought it might hold the answers for her, and if it did, she better make sense of them soon. Her body was starving to death.

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But when she couldn’t interpret the coils and twirls of the magic ball, she wandered from the dark house out into the woods. It was cold and wet, the water was falling from the sky in big thick raindrops. The clouds that released the rain were thick and seemed to protect her from the sun. She wandered deeper and deeper into the woods until she came to a strange clearing. It was here that she met The Priest in the woods.

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This old man lived in the woods by himself. She told him of her struggles, confessing her lust for human flesh. She despaired and cried. She might meet her death if she kept fighting her cravings.

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The Priest in the Woods and Maykala became good friends, conversing about the peculiar plants she was finding in these deep woods, and the strange wet weather. He taught her a recipe to use with the plants but he had no answers about her appetites.

It wasn’t until she returned to Windenburg Village that she had any kind of breakthrough.

Maykala grew so tired and weak and sick that Queen Isis Hut heard about her sad case. The Queen took an interest in the knowledge that Maykala was seeking out. The Queen called for the young vampire to be brought to The House of Isis, where she nursed her back to health. It was here that Maykala figured out the concoction that would save her life.

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But this would be Makayla’s undoing. Matilda Powers was living in the House of Isis, the first daughter of King Brava. She was not the daughter of Queen Isis Hut, and no one knew if she would be Queen someday or not…

Matilda had taken notice of the strange concoction that the new girl in House of Isis was drinking. She probably smelled the intriguing whiff of animal flesh, something new that she had never tried, something that she could easily take from a lowly serving girl.

the potion maker
















































































































































































































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