Matilda Powers – Vampire Princess

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Matilda Powers was born to King Brava and Queen Chaya Powers – The Vampire King and his first wife. Queen Chaya had died under mysterious conditions that the Kingdom didn’t understand, it frightened them. But Matilda grew up reading the books her father wrote. They held secrets that the villagers didn’t know about.

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The books spoke about the power of the sun, how it was too strong for the Night Walkers. He had spent most of his life discovering this knowledge with little help. Matilda looked up to her father, and learned so much from him.

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It was cold growing up in Burghard Castle, and King Brava was a cold man, but it was the only home she had known as a child. King Brava could tease her, or train her. But he was never very warm or affectionate to Matilda. Her father had remarried, a beautiful and exotic woman that shared the same powers as Matilda and her father. He loved the woman, but Matilda knew she was not trusted by Isis Hut. Matilda was first born, and she was heir to the throne instead of the baby Isis carried in her womb.

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Isis Hut liked to spend her time at Benedict Palace, a splendid castle built to honor Matilda’s uncle, Benedict Burghard. But he started a war with King Brava, and was defeated. Her father had been so arrogant before the war, knowing that he would win, his family stayed at Benedict Palace while he fought Benedict and his army at Burghard Castle. Matilda had no reason to fear anyone.

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But when her uncle was defeated and the family moved into Windenburg Village she felt such a deep sadness. She had never felt any ill feelings towards her Uncle, he had been funny and sweet. She had teased him but she teased everyone.

But she had to hide these feelings from her strong-willed father, The King of Vampyres. She spent much time alone in the splendid House of Isis, a dark but elegant castle named for his beloved Queen, Matilda’s step-mother.

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She was distracted from her sadness by a strong smell. She felt her fangs in her pretty mouth. She followed the smell to the kitchen where she discovered an ugly little serving girl mixing something that smelled even uglier. Pungent and almost sweet, and she found it strangely intriguing.

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She wanted what that serving girl was mixing. The smell was so strong she could already taste the contents of the bowl. She didn’t say a word, she only grabbed the young girl. With a little giggle they were off to the Sanctum of Burghard.



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