Brava the first Vampire

Brava Burghard is the second son born to The Brave Queen Xenia. Unfortunetly there aren’t any princesses born to the family, and Brava’s parents are murdered by an angry mob.

Brava the baby vampire.jpg

After the uprising of the villagers and the brutal murder of his parents, the young Brava is raised by his older brother Prince Rowan. He helps out with his two younger brothers just as much as he teases and taunts them.

But as he ages he finds he has no appetite for the food he is called to eat. He licks his lips when he sees the young kitchen girls who make and serve the food, but he wants nothing to do with the food they are preparing.


He doesn’t sleep properly, he has stopped using the chamber pots. His body is different from anything he has read in any of the books their family owns. It is a significant distraction to him as his family goes through political crisis, but he must keep his wits about him.

The first time he drinks from a human it is a sweet young woman who works at Khufu Keep. She is afraid of his strange advances, but he is a prince, and he doesn’t fight the urge to sink his teeth into her soft neck. He wasn’t expecting the ecstasy he feels as his tongue touches blood for the first time.

10-08-18_11-32-42 AM.png

He begins to hunt the villagers at night, kissing their soft fleshy necks and consuming their blood.

Out in the villages he meets a beautiful creature, Aahana. She is out hunting human life as well. The two become friends and prefer to spend their adolescence exploring each other’s strange powers, rather than the usual games and teasing and flirting that other kids their age were playing.

10-12-18_10-10-55 AM.png

Brava and Aahana keep records of what they find: a hate for the hot Sun, a thirst for warm sticky human plasma, and power and strength in their arms and legs.

He is finally distracted from the exploration of his strange powers when war breaks out in their kingdom. First his Royal parents are killed by an angry mob, led by a dark hooded woman, who then betroths herself to his older brother. But he displeases her, and she kills him as well, and announces that she will wed Brava instead.

10-14-18_10-48-04 PM

He is not afraid of this woman. He has secret capabilities. He has been training and testing himself for years.

Everyone begs him not to fight against this woman, his two younger brothers who have grown up in this war don’t want to see any more of their family dead. Even this dark and mysterious older brother who visits the basement of The Keep at night. Even this brooding and bullying brother who teases and taunts them.

Brava Burghard declares that they will fight against this rebel woman and the godless opinions and ideas she spreads. The war would go on for some time, but Brava would end up victorious.

10-20-18_7-43-17 PM.png

When Brava kills Ninola Garcia – The Hooded Woman, he becomes King. He moves the family out of The Keep into a grand castle sitting on the edge of a misty cliff.

Burghard Castle.jpg


As King, Brava feels a pride that he has never known before. He doesn’t feel the need to hide his new powers from his subjects. He and Aahana are open about what they can do, and they become known as The Forbidden Brotherhood.

The forbidden brotherhood.jpg

But with great powers came great pridefulness. Both the King and Aahana have lost their tempers towards the other one while sparring or practicing. There have been small jealousies and competition, and Aahana had come to resent the King. But the King had secretly wanted to make Aahana his Queen.

Instead there is much violence and fighting within the Forbidden Brotherhood, and towards the villagers. King Brava loved the violence, but it created many bad feelings for everyone who crossed paths with The Forbidden Brotherhood.

11-02-18_6-30-05 PM

Eventually the Forbidden Brotherhood was at war, against each other. King Brava and his followers attacked Aahana and her warriors. The Vampire Wars broke out and many people were hurt or killed. The war raged on for many years!

the vampire wars






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