The Vampire King

King Brava was a strong, and cruel man. A beautiful woman in the village joined him and the Forbidden Brotherhood on their nightly hunt, and King Brava fell in love with her. But King Brava was a strong and cruel man. Sometimes the staff at Burghard Castle could hear his angry voice and her quiet cries.

11-04-18_4-23-33 PM.png

But Chaya Powers made a beautiful bride. When King Brava married her, she was showing her pregnancy, but no one would dare to challenge King Brava. He said this baby would still be an important member of the Divine Bloodline.

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He had a large and splendid cathedral built for the occasion. The Altar of Dark Fellowship loomed over the cliffs and was the perfect location for this sacred ceremony.

the altar of dark fellowship.jpg

Before King Brava and Queen Chaya’s baby could be born war broke out between members of the Forbidden Brotherhood. King Brava’s violent ways had torn their Brotherhood to shreds and destruction broke loose.

the vampire wars

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After many bloody years King Brava would defeat Aahana. He was the first Master Vampire, and he wrote it all down in a big leather book that was known as the Vampire Tomes. All of his vampiric knowledge went into this book, everything that he learned while fighting his vampire peers.

One very important lesson that the vampires learned was hard to swallow. The battles were long and hard and sometimes went all through the night into the morning, and those early morning rays of sunshine were usually a good indication to end their battle for the night. But Queen Chaya found herself struggling to make it back inside the walls of Castle Burghard. She burned up in the sunshine, right on drawbridge, within steps of the front door.

11-11-18_6-52-24 AM.png

11-11-18_6-53-03 AM.png

Queen Chaya and the King had hated each other for years. She had resented the vampire wars and all of the fighting, not to mention the abuse she had suffered at the King’s hand. King Brava was sad to hear the death of his first wife, but it wasn’t long before he’d found a new companion.

11-11-18_1-13-15 PM.png

Isis Hut came from a prominent family that had helped settle the Land of the Sands. She was very beautiful and exotic. She had a cousin married to Lord Edmund Burghard so her family status made her a good political match for The King. She laughed when he announced punishment for traitors, and she giggled during the nightly hunt.

isis hut.jpg

isis hut is a vampyre.jpg






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