The Brotherly Love of a Vampire King

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Brava – the Vampire King was pleased to have a daughter. Princess Matilda Powers was a delight to the whole Kingdoms, and he was very proud to have restored the people’s faith in the Divine Bloodline. But when his younger brother Benedict wasn’t producing his own daughters, Brava was angry.

brotherly love 2

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But Benedict didn’t die.

*When my game updated everything got super broke haha but instead of changing everything I just write it into the story. It went back on a save or something? Or maybe it had to do with the violence mod breaking with the update. I don’t know. But Benedict is alive again!

*Also so much of my CC got busted so most people had to get a makeover haha don’t be scared! It’s still the weirdo characters you know from before, they just be lookin’ different.

Benedict Burghard proved that the Divine Bloodline was strong within him, and survived his brother’s attacks. King Brava was impressed with him. The ancient ancestors that they shared came through and proved his strength and purpose. King Brava made Benedict a Lord, and he was awarded more prestige in the Kingdoms than he had ever enjoyed before.

benedict palace

Benedict Palace turned out beautifully, and it pleased Queen Isis Hut, which made King Brava even happier. They had given birth to a strong little boy, Letholdus B. Hut and King Brava couldn’t be happier with his family line.

But his cowardly brother still didn’t marry and further the Divine Bloodline. Instead the bastard tried to drag Brava out into the bloody sunshine and start another war. King Brava decided that he’d allowed this fool to suffer for far too long, and he and his forces swiftly won the war against Benedict Burghard. He killed his own brother.

benedict dies again

After the death of his brother King Brava was annoyed. Burghard Castle was dark and cold and his enchanting wife loved the Benedict Palace better. She gushed about the warm sandy nights. He wanted to give her a present more impressive than the one he’d given his lowly brother. So he constructed a beautiful new home for them, right in the middle of the Windenburg Village.

the house of isis

He was proud to give his stylish wife such a beautiful new home, and he was proud of his new son Letholdus B. Hut. His wonderful wife would give him one more precious baby, this time a girl!

12-05-18_6-20-23 PM.png

01-03-19_2-05-43 PM.png

Sylvia H. Burghard was his second daughter born of the Divine Bloodline and she was a wonderful blessing to the whole kingdom!









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  1. audreyfld says:

    The new palace is amazing! I almost love the way you wrote into the story things that happened in game! I think we are getting closer to modern day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Yes getting closer and it makes me so excited! I haven’t made it this far in civilization yet so I hope I don’t do something stupid and have to restart all over again haha I’m WAY too committed to a video game for an adult hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. audreyfld says:

        Oh no! 😱 That would be horrible….I hope that doesn’t happen. Your scenes are so beautifully set!

        Liked by 1 person

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