The Whimpering Prince

Letholdus B. Hut is the Prince of All of the Lands, born to Brava – the Vampire King, and Queen Isis Hut, both very powerful and feared rulers. King Brava was a terrifying son of The Divine Bloodline, who started the Forbidden Brotherhood, the clan of vampires that raged the most bloody war that the Kingdom had ever known. King Brava also composed most of the important literature of the time, about the secret powers and knowledge of the vampire kind.

But Prince Letholdus B. Hut had a reputation for being melancholy. Maybe the blood shed in his father’s name made the young man sad before he was even born.

letholdus b. hut.jpg

He enjoyed writing and his father being a literary master came in very handy for the young Prince. He was well known for writing letters too.

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Letholdus B. Hut’s life is well documented, his personal letter collection has been well preserved, and the details of his life mummified for the sake of history. He wrote to Aahana, a high ranking member of the Forbidden Brotherhood and his future wife, of a winter solstice spent at CHALET:

My dear friend, Aahana, I so wish that you could see the beautiful sky here in the forest. I’m saddened to be here without my friends. Our stay here will be lovely, but only for a short brief time.

As mournful are my feelings about being in a winter wonderland without my friends, my heart is pleased to make a new one. A lovely young friend of my sister’s is here with us, Francesca Romanos of the Island, and I am enjoying our interactions, despite the age gap. I hope to see her in more of our social gatherings.

01-24-19_7-11-08 PM.png

01-24-19_7-48-08 PM.png

When the Royal Divine Bloodline moves into Windenburg Palace it is also well documented in letters to Aahana.

My Dear friend

I hope this letter finds you well fed and far from the sunlight. I myself have successfully avoided the sun as my family moves into our new home: Windenburg Palace. It is splendid and there are many window coverings to keep my family and I safely blocked from sunshine.


Prince Letholdus B. Hut’s letters have been a valuable resource for today’s historians, as they give the reader a clearer idea of the roles that the members of the Divine Bloodline were expected to play in everyday palace life.

The Prince writes to his companion about a family excursion to the Fortress on the Falls and we (the readers) are shown a glimpse into the power that the Divine Bloodline had at this time.

My Dearest friend,

I feel the most awful gloom being in this wet and sad jungle while being so far away from the palace. I sought comfort in the arms of the fleshy Francesca and am disappointed to say that she didn’t show me the warmth I was expecting. I may not be a Princess and therefor not a direct heir to the throne, but being denied by this HEATHEN was a letdown, and I consoled myself by gulping her lifeblood until just the point before she would perish.

02-22-19_11-52-06 AM.png

The Prince does eventually marry his long time writing companion in the beautiful Sanctum of Burghard. She becomes Princess Aahan, and solidifies a truece between herself and King Brava, with whom she’d had an ancient rivalry between. Both members of the devastatingly powerful clan of ancient vampires called The Forbidden Brothers who waged a war amongst themselves. The Queen at the time was Queen Chaya – mother of Princess Matilda – who succumbed to the rays of the sun, perishing on the front steps of her home during this war. This marriage between Letholdus and Aahan was an important step towards more peaceful times in the Kingdom.

03-13-19_3-20-39 PM.png

03-13-19_3-23-06 PM.png

princess aahan.jpg

But the peace won’t last for long. There is a letter to the Princess from Prince Letholdus B. Hut explaining the growing turmoil and rebellion in the Kingdom. He’s overseeing the construction of a new palace with a special maze. His father – King Brava – was able to turn himself into a bat, as could both of his sisters. His mother – Queen Isis  – was able to dissolve herself into a fine mist and appear in a new location. They could escape an attack on the new palace by going through the maze, and the attacking mob would have to travel through the maze to reach them. Not everyone in the family had these abilities.

Angry mobs are forming in villages and cities, the citizens are starting to revolt against the Royal Divine Family, they band together to fight what they believe are deamons. But the angry mob reaches the castle to find their mission is already complete in what is known as the Uncrowning.

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  1. audreyfld says:

    Ohhh… Vampires abound, but maybe not for long! Or does another vampire cult overtake them? Did I say I love your screen shots? The builds and costumes are amazing.

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      I’m straight addicted to cc. I cc shop more than I shop IRL but I shop a considerable amount there too haha

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