Matilda Powers – Plasma Dealer

the sanctum of burghard.jpg

The Sanctum of Burghard loomed above the heads of passersby and nested hundreds of birds and their little egg families. It was foreboding and oddly mysterious, and at the same time shiny and brilliant. When King Brava was having the enormous building conceptualized and mapped out, The Princess had come to him with an idea for the foundation of the building. Deep inside of the walls of The Sanctum and below the cold earth, deep dark catacombs were constructed, with thick dark brick and metal bars.

01-02-19_2-19-35 PM.png

Matilda Powers – the Vampire Princess, had brought her first prisoner down the looming steps into the Catacombs of The Sanctum of Burghard. She didn’t use any physical powers, she required no guards. She simply told the ugly serving girl to follow her.

Into the cozy little dungeon the serving girl went and Matilda stopped using her mind to tell the young woman what to do. She giggled and asked the girl about the potion she had been making. When the serving girl told her it was a tincture to quench the dark bloody thirst Matilda clapped her hands, and thanked the young girl. She turned to go and the serving girl called out that she would tell the Princess how to mix the tincture if she could be released and Matilda giggled again. She told the young girl that she didn’t need to know today, she would come back tomorrow to ask her.

01-02-19_2-19-07 PM.png

And the Princess didn’t visit the Catacombs again until a week later when she brought a second prisoner, locked them into the cozy little dungeon cell with the ugly serving girl, and immediately left again, giggling all the way back up the steps. She waited months before she went back down to the Catacombs to tease and taunt the serving girl and finally asking what the ingredients were for the tincture. She never acknowledged the second prisoner except to sip from his dirty foot – just a sip! – for the dirty thrill of drinking from such a disgusting creature.

She enjoyed the taste of the dirty prisoner! She wondered if other vampires might also enjoy the adventure she felt, the rush of revulsion with it’s dirty cold skin in her hands, the pleasure of a conversation with a pitiful little human believing this could be it’s death. She thought she might be able to bottle this feeling and sell it to other curious vampires.

She would need many fish and different frogs to make all kinds of different variations on her distasteful tonic. And she knew where there were plenty of different species of both fish and frogs. She talked to the Queen about her plans, and Queen Isis agreed. So the construction of The Dark Thicket Chalet was drawn up, and a crew traveled with Princess Matilda out into the woods, near the big waterfall on the cliffs.

the dark thicket chalet.jpg

01-03-19_12-00-10 PM.png

She made the drink and stored it in little bottles and small sacks that fit in one hand. She sipped these drinks amongst both the mortals and the vampire folk. She openly shared her experiences with her vampire friends and there was a growing interest in being able to test what the Vampire Princess was talking about.

02-13-19_6-01-11 PM.png

The Princess wandered down an unfamiliar part of Windenburg, and found herself in a back alley. There was a small shoppe tucked in a dark corner, and Princess Matilda saw a business opportunity.

02-15-19_8-47-25 PM.png

02-15-19_8-47-51 PM.png




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  1. wagonfruit says:

    Oof! Beautlful builds 👌

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I feel like I spend enough time building it could be my part time job 🤣🤣 I should probably just get a part time job

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  2. audreyfld says:

    She is wicked and beautiful and as always your sets are amazing!

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Aw you’re a true prehistory party pal!! I really enjoy Matilda she’s a fun sim for me!

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      1. audreyfld says:

        Loved the alliteration! Honored…. ❤️

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