Apparition Alley

Every time I see anything on the internet about The Sims 3 (especially the destination pack) I have both incredible regret and renewed inspiration to play my legacy and follow their adventures. My anxiety circles around the fact that I never actually finished any of the games… I never found all of the tombs or maxed any of the careers, I didn’t discover all of the secrets or see many rare scenes. It’s both kinda funny and disappointing haha. I don’t want to miss out on the sims either. I feel like I’m BEHIND everyone else or something and that’s so hilarious because it’s just a GAME!

So instead of giving myself some strange millenial nervous breakdown about my recreational obsession with TS4, I’m just going to try and complete the Jungle Pack. It’s the funnest option, and probably the healthiest. 😉 -fabtiffsim

Princess Matilda made a ghastly little drink that the vampire community had a growing love for. She made the demonic concoction from fish and even though it was a little un-ladylike the Princess thought that catching the fish herself was a very Divine act that her prestigious ancestors would have appreciated. She loved the quiet peace away from the Divine Court.


Once the flesh was fermented and broken down into a slimy and funky paste, then it would be stored in a little silk pouch that the Princess knew was just adorable and irresistable to any fashionable members of the Divine Court.

Her little back alley shoppe was both discreet and dangerous enough that thrill-seeking customers were excited to hunt it down.

03-09-19_11-09-07 PM

Her little shoppe was decorated with the beautiful objects she found in the jungle. She had seen many temples and waterfalls, and she had found intriguing artifacts in the secret places that the Jungle People were afraid of. She’d been poisoned and attacked, chased and almost eaten by a jaquar once… and she loved to show off the colorful things she found.

Other vampires noticed the exotic decor and wished to have them for themselves. Princess Matilda told these people that she could find ways to obtain rare treasures like these ones for a price, and it wasn’t long before the new fashion was Selvadorian Chic.

03-09-19_11-09-41 PM.png

Matilda enjoyed her growing reputation as an Exotic Arts Dealer. And it brought with it her very own financial revenue.

Her half brother Prince Letholdus B. Hut was marrying a fine Vampire woman who had fought in the Great Vampire Wars against King Brava, the same wars that had killed Matilda’s mother Queen WHO? It was a great political match that mended some old wounds and drew the Vampire community even closer. Aahana V was becoming a Princess that day and all of The Courts and much of the Kingdom would be attending.

King Brava, Matilda’s father and The Vampire King, approached the Princess and they conversed about the reputation Matilda had developed. It was unsightly for the Royal Divine Family to be involved in smuggling precious archeological artifacts from the unconquered Jungle people. But The King was willing to turn a blind eye for his cut.

03-13-19_4-15-01 PM.png

A deal was made. And Matilda had the go ahead to continue her endeavors. Her shoppe was risque and chic and The Divine Royal Family enjoyed the rise in the Kingdom’s overall wealth. Princess Matilda was prospering.

princess matilda

The growing tensions in the Kingdom affected her business. It had been a devastatingly cold winter and the roads to the Jungle were dangerous and frozen. People were less interested in the art, and more interested in harassing the Vampires. The vampire that ran her little shoppe in Apparition Alley had been killed in the streets.

But it didn’t matter for long. Letholdus B. Hut’s new bride, Princess Aahaan hurried to Matilda and Sylvia to inform them of rumors of an angry army approaching the Palace. They were coming for them all.

03-21-19_6-03-34 PM

03-21-19_7-26-59 PM



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  1. wagonfruit says:

    Omg, I get pangs for TS3 also 😭
    But one look at the pudding faces and I’m like “no, I just cannot” /diva

    Liked by 2 people

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      hahaha pudding faces!!! It’s the same for me, and also I remember how bad everything lagged for me. It took like 30 min just to load the game haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wagonfruit says:

        /Click load …go run errands
        Maybe be done when u back (MEBBE)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. audreyfld says:

    Miss the horses in TS3! ❤️ Yikes….another war!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I know, I loved the horses! And I miss swimming in the ocean too

      Liked by 2 people

      1. audreyfld says:

        Yesssss. The ocean! And rivers you can swim in…how did I forget!

        Liked by 2 people

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