Sylvia H. Burghard

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Queen Isis Hut and Brava the Vampire King had a little baby princess born to them, Princess Sylvia H. Burghard. She was a very intelligent baby and was encouraged by the Queen to pursue her passions of learning.

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Her father, King Brava Burghard had been alive for so many years and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and it wasn’t known if Sylvia H. Burghard or her older half sister Matilda Powers would ever sit on the throne. So the young lady was allowed more leisure time than was permissible to any previous member of the Divine Bloodline.

She spent much time in the Jungle with her half sister Princess Matilda and was very interested in the strange foliage that grew there. The young princesses were allowed to spend time exploring these strange lands and the strange culture that came with it.

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The tombs were a dark but desolate place. The sisters were safe from the sun but only had each other for a long time. They were alone for many holidays that held special place to their people. They grew a strong bond to one another. Sylvia gave Matilda the amazing gift of some of her most beautiful finds because she cared for her so deeply.

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It was at the wedding of Sylvia H.’s brother – Letholdus B. Hut – that the people found out that Queen Isis was expecting a child. Her belly had grown to a size that no one could deny, not even her silver tongued brother could spin this story around on The Courts and stir their confusion like he usually did. His influence over the people of The Courts was not strong enough to convince them that The Queen was not far too old to carry a child. Her youthful appearance could always be sold as a Gift from the Divine Bloodline, but the people could not understand how she could birth a baby at her age.

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Fear and confusion was growing to anger and rebellion. The Royal Divine Family was afraid that they would have to fight for the life of the Queen, but they knew they were powerful and could inflict too much damage to the Kingdom with their rage. They were afraid that they were obliged to defeat their own people and army.

But not all vampires were as strong as the Divine Royal Family, and the people in the Kingdom were more outraged when vampires were in their dark forms, making it a little more dangerous for vampires.

dark form.jpg

The Royal Divine Family moved into a commanding and eerie palace in the middle of a twisted maze. There was much talk in the kingdom about magic and evil presences surrounding that maze, and the people were growing anxious and angry.

burghard palace

But the Palace and the enchanted maze won’t keep the princess and her sister safe. The Uncrowning was coming. Soon the world would be hunting for their kind and the long reign of the Divine Bloodline would come to an end. The world was changing,  and Sylvia H. Burghard’s family was changing.





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  1. audreyfld says:

    I continue to be amazed by your story and the scenery. That castle! Wow…

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      AW!! You’re way too sweet to me!!

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  2. wagonfruit says:

    Sylvia is utterly frightening 👀

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      I watch too many scary netflix documentaries probably haha

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