The Burghard Requiem

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Catherine Burghard wasn’t even born when she became the main argument against the Divine Bloodline. The Kingdom was frightened by the Vampire Queen’s age, it was confusing for them. The family grew to feel unsafe. Poor baby Catherine was housed in the tower with no entry. Sylvia had the ability to fly up there to visit here, as did Princess Matilda, but their brother Prince Letholdus B. Hutt did not.

Princess Sylvia had her collection of jungle artifacts, and one special one she gifted to her dear half sister. Her laboratories were filled with experiments, books, artifacts, tinctures, strange statues and animals – both dead and alive. She had a strong and brilliant mind, that was only matched by her comedic wit.

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Her curiosity led her to discovering a little statue which she fused to another little statue, and which she then inserted a gem she had refined from a crystal she’d uncovered in the jungle. This little relic trembled in her hands, she felt it rumble up the bones of her fingers into the tendons that ran up her arm. A shock ran through her thoughts and her scalp tingled.

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She heard a echo of a voice – just a whisper – inside her own head in her own voice but low and raspy. It told her that a curse had been laid upon her head. Her eyes were wide with fear and she dropped the relic to the ground.

From then on she wouldn’t touch the relics. Her dear sister Matilda could not convince her that they needed the relics for the shoppe, and Sylvia wouldn’t tell her what happened. She felt a huge crushing weight on her shoulders that she couldn’t explain.

Princess Aahaan appeared in front of the sisters suddenly, pale with horror.

The Queen had plunged a knife into the back of the King, and he was now lying dead on the ground. She was making her way through the palace and she was afraid for Baby Catherine.

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03-21-19_7-26-59 PM.png

The sisters quickly transformed into bats and flew to the tower with no doors. It took the strength of both bats to clumsily carry the little girl to the ground, mostly without serious injury. She cried as they fled through the forest away from the enchanted maze.

And Sylvia H. Burghard ceased to exist.





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  1. wagonfruit says:

    mostly without serious injury
    Walk it off baby cathy! 😂

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  2. audreyfld says:

    Ohhh. So Cats alive and will lead a new group!

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