The Uncrowning

the vampire king and queen.jpg

King Brava, the First Vampire had ruled over the lands through such a large span of time that for the first 100 years no one questioned it. But after a fourth baby was born over 50 years apart from her and her siblings the citizens of the Kingdom were angry and suspicious about what they believed to be some kind of ancient magic that kept the King and Queen not only alive, but young and beautiful for so long. The family had feared for the small baby’s safety and built the Burghard Palace on the edge of an intricate maze that only the Divine Royal Family could navigate quickly.

burghard palace.jpg

It is thought that Baby Catherine was born in what is now referred to as “Baby Catherine’s Tower”, a room with windows but no doors in an unconnected guard tower just in front of the palace. It would be impossible for anyone from the Kingdom to reach the babe, the only people that could fly to the tower were the members of the Divine Bloodline.

catherine's tower2.jpg

But not one of the three princess’s bodies were found. It is assumed that they perished in the Uncrowning but there is no concrete evidence of what actually happened to the sisters. Princess Ahaan – Prince Letholdus B. Hut’s new bride – was never identified either.

At the time there were many angry mobs forming in the villages and all around the Kingdom. The beginnings of a Civil War were forming as they formed an army they called the Kingdom United and they were marching on the Palace. But they arrived to fight the Divine Royal Family and found their bodies. The Palace was looted and many of the great literature and masterpieces in the Palace have been lost.

After this places started to become separate countries rather than large kingdoms. There was a lot of travel between the different countries but it was slow on the large ships and it was difficult and long. But civilization progressed and advanced and we look back as a reminder of the past and where our ancestors came from.

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