The Uncrowning Daemon

Some violent sim imagery is in this post! It’s bloody and deadly and scary.

The Vampire Queen had given birth to a lovely little girl, Catherine Burghard, and it should have been the celebration of the century. The Queen had given birth to another female heir! But the Queen’s impressive age was more alarming to the Kingdom than she had anticipated. They were not loved by their people anymore and it was devastating.

The Queen felt a pull to her coming from outside of the Palace. She knew everyone would worry if they knew she traveled alone outside the walls. She found herself by the glowing pools of a pond. There stood a magnificent creature with strange skin.

03-21-19_4-36-09 PM.png

03-21-19_4-35-45 PM

The strange creature told the Queen that she could help her win back the love and support of the people. She told her that she could rule unquestioned and happily for generations to come. She told the desperate Queen how a sacrifice could change the direction of her family’s current path. The Queen only needed to be reminded that her baby was sleeping in a tower rather than being celebrated and idolized like her other two children had been.

03-21-19_5-40-14 PM.png

The sacrifice would be big, and a costly one. But the Queen was willing to pay the price to rule over the kingdom again.

03-21-19_5-43-18 PM.png

03-21-19_5-48-29 PM.png

03-21-19_5-49-00 PM.png

03-21-19_5-49-25 PM.png

03-21-19_5-50-00 PM.png

03-21-19_5-50-14 PM.png

03-21-19_5-53-45 PM.png

03-21-19_5-52-38 PM.png

03-21-19_5-55-14 PM.png

03-21-19_5-56-42 PM.png

There were rumors and claims all throughout the Uncrowning from Kingdom United and people claiming to be staff at the Burghard Palace that the Prince had been afraid and crying, whimpering for days before the army was coming for them. Songs, stories, poems and plays featuring The Whimpering Prince have been dated all the way back to these dates and it is widely believed that the fairy tale is based on Prince Letholdus B. Hut.




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