The Vampire Queen

Isis the Vampire Queen had taken the Blue Daemon’s words to heart, she made the biggest sacrifice she could. As she walked the halls of the Burghard Palace searching for her daughter she felt a quick jolt of loss. She had loved her husband for so long. But she had loved the Divine Bloodline more.

She hadn’t found her daughter Sylvia and she was making her way towards the Castle with No Door where her baby Catherine rested. Instead she found the Daemon.

But the being wasn’t happy. This was not the biggest sacrifice the Queen could make. The Divine Bloodline would not reign again. The Kingdom was revolting against her and her family.

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The Daemon taunted her that she had murdered her beloved husband and her first born child for a Kingdom that would never lover her like it had in before. King Brava had been the First King long before Isis had been in the picture. He already had an heir to the throne before he married Isis. She had killed the Divine Bloodline with her own two hands.

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She felt rage swell in her chest, and the blood on her face boil. It could have been her husbands or her sons blood, she did not know. The glee she had felt from seeing all of the blood faded and left a dull ache.

She quickly sliced the knife against her own wrist before she could think much more about it. She was swift and confident with the knife, and her skin split gracefully apart like a flower blooming.

03-21-19_5-59-41 PM.png

The blood squirted up into the air forcefully, her heart racing. She gasped and the fleeting moment of lust at the sight of the blood was surpassed by the realization that it was her own blood, and that she would die without it.

When she fell to the ground it was warm from her blood, she had kept herself well fed so there was plenty of the warm liquid. She closed her eyes at the consequences of her actions and died alone by the pond.

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  1. audreyfld says:

    So much lusting after power!


    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Errybody is baaaaad

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    2. fabtiffsim says:

      Lusting! You make it sound hot and spicy!

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      1. audreyfld says:

        It IS hot and spicy! 🔥

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      2. fabtiffsim says:

        hahah! excellent! That’s what I’m going for!

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