Warning: I play my sims 4 violently! Please practice self care!the gold city.jpg

Captain Clarke was the only Captain of a ship that wasn’t a woman. He was the first man in All the Lands allowed the honor of directing his own fleet of nasty pirates, and he was proud. His crew was tough and efficient.

Aunty Em, his pregnant lover and secret Princess of the Royal Divine Bloodline, had moved headquarters to a beautiful city deep in the Jungles. The Gold City of Alam’Or was rich with culture and resources, it was a safe place for the pirates to set up shop, and for the family to remain hidden.

His instructions were to come around the corner of the house with a blue roof, there was a side door that would open to Princess Matilda’s (Aunty Em’s secret identity) office. He found it easily and didn’t stop to enjoy the view. The Princess wouldn’t tolerate tardiness.

04-19-19_9-04-44 AM.png

Captain Clarke entered the small office, it was dark and serious, but fashionable. The Princess was waiting at her desk for him. She looked ravishing, he had never seen so much of her. Gone was her usual dark veil of lace and instead there was a jaunty sun hat, and a long leather dress. Her hair was loose and wild.

04-19-19_9-03-54 AM.png

He had walked in on the tail end of a conversation, a curly haired woman was saying something about a baby girl but the conversation quickly quieted down when he entered the office.

Princess Matilda didn’t bother introducing the woman, and she left through a door that Captain Clarke thought was a bookcase. But it all left his mind when his gaze fell back onto his love.

Princess Matilda was all business. She set him up with a list of jobs that needed to be done before they returned to Cacti Casa Village. She would be giving birth soon and she needed things in order.

Back in Cacti Casa Captain Clarke was awoken in the early hours to the news of a baby girl being born! Catarina Clarke was waiting to meet her father Captain Clarke.

papa clarke.jpg

He loved the little bundle of joy and the small moments he was allowed to see her were spectacular! The Princess explained that Princess Catarina was proof that the Divine Bloodline was strong, healthy, and very much the descendants of Every Queen that Lived Before. She would save the people!

Save the people from what? He had seen many otherworldly things while at sea, the sailors had stories about creatures and superstitions, could that be what the Princess wanted to save the world from?

He wanted desperately to keep both of his Princesses safe from this mysterious enemy. He started to lose sleep, which made him lose focus at work. He even lost money at the card tables. He didn’t have any sense of the dangers upon him.

04-21-19_5-55-57 PM.png

04-21-19_5-55-43 PM.png





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