Captain Clarke

Viktor Clarke was only a young man when he threw away his old life and joined an under ground gang of pirates that would evolve into a mysterious secret society.

He was young and in need of work. His family never had much money, and neither did any of the people they knew. There was work transporting goods on the underground rivers and through the sewers that were being built under the city, or you could help build the tunnels and break your back by the time you were old enough to be sent to the next war.

The Kingdom had been free of the Divine Bloodline after the Uncrowning for some time but it was chaotic and unstable without clear leadership. People were desperate and dangerous and you did what you could to get by.

viktor clarke.jpg

Viktor Clarke, along with many other young men avoiding the deadly construction of the tunnels were recruited to a certain company – Divine Shipping – where general labor was needed, no special skills required. The word was that if you did a good job, proved your strength, and impressed one of the Captains of a ship, men were sometimes permitted to work on the ships as sailors. It was a lofty dream for many of the young men around him, but Viktor was optimistic that this was achievable for a man like himself.

He and the other recruits made their way out past the city limits to where the old wars had left destruction and abandoned buildings. There stood one little boat house hidden away by some tall walls still standing after years of battle, and a misty little waterfall. The House on Smugglers Cove.

house on smugglers cove 2.jpg

The young laborers knew that the alluring women on the ships were bringing art and other goods from the Jungle and also knew better than to ask any questions about the cargo and play along if they wanted their pay in the morning.

03-27-19_9-39-11 AM.png

One day an eerily elegant woman came down to the loading docks, she was well-known in these parts as Aunty Em. She ran a dark shoppe in Apparition Alley, sold fancy art not far from the fish market. It was whispered that if you were ever in need of something she was the person who would know what it was and she would get it for you. And now she needed good strong men for a journey.

03-27-19_10-53-15 AM.png

It’s the lucky break that a lot of the young men in this city would hope for, pray even, if they were old fashioned like that.

Aunty Em and her family stayed pretty secretive on the long journey, and Viktor was intrigued, romantasized by the wonderous landscape around him, and the fleeting sense of adventure trying to catch a glimpse of Aunty Em or her family.

Their destination was Cacti Casa Village, a quiet little town on the coast with beautiful locals. They easily settled in.

cacti casa village.jpg

The crew working for The Divine Shipping Company was lead by Viktor, he was well liked among the men and they trusted each other. They were a great crew. Aunty Em approached Viktor to tell him that she had noticed their success. Viktor’s crew became her personal little employees. They were respected and feared.

can i trust you

Aunt Em needed someone she could trust, was Viktor that person? He thought that he must be, his head was swimming being this close to the bewitching business woman. He never wanted to be apart from her. He would perform any task for her. He was lucky enough to have his boy-like charms and that Aunty Em seemed to enjoy them. They became lovers, something Aunt Em had never done before. She let the young man into her life and he was truly honored.

04-04-19_1-44-00 PM.png

04-04-19_1-43-30 PM.png

There was talk that someone had seen a young blonde girl at Cacti Casa village. Viktor had heard the rumors and had thought he’d seen her. It was just walking by a doorway so he was very unsure. He didn’t tell anyone. She grew in importance and legend until she was like a local ghost story.

Aunty Em came to Viktor early one morning to tell him something important. She was with child. Her being with child was very important because she had a great secret that could change their life. She would need to completely trust Viktor.

04-04-19_4-37-44 PM.png

Of course she could, Viktor was madly in love with her and exalted at the news of a baby. So she told him that she had hidden her true identity from him for her safety. She was Princess Matilda of the murdered Royal Divine Bloodline and their child would have Divine Blood as well.

It was important that their true selves never be revealed because of the Kingdom’s hatred for the Divine Bloodline. This baby was a descendant of ancient Queens.

Viktor swore to protect this unborn child with his life. He trusted his crew would follow a command to protect this child of his with their lives too. The Princess told him that they would follow him because they loved him, and because he would now be their captain. Viktor would be the first man to captain his own team and ship. It was monumental.

He would be Captain Clarke.






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