Only but a man.


Captain Viktor Clarke had a hard time sleeping since his strange experience in the jungle. He remembered the woman and the terror, and he was convinced that the pain in his neck was from some kind of bite. He decided to warn Princess Matilda.

He ran through the village, down the back alley to the secret entrance to Aunt Em’s (Princess Matilda’s secret identity) office. He barged in, but was surprised to find she had company.

05-01-19_10-44-01 PM.png

He thought maybe he had seen these women around the village, but what business would they have with a company that smuggled artifacts out of the jungle for profit?

05-01-19_10-44-27 PM.png

But he was even more surprised because the dark haired woman near the secret door was familiar, he had seen her in here before, and he had seen her in the jungle! She was the woman he believed bit him on the neck!

05-01-19_10-58-13 PM.png

Captain Clarke sputtered in his confusion, stuttered and tried to explain…

Princess Matilda told him not to worry, that Aunty Lee was just about to leave, and the tall dark woman left through the strange door that looked like a bookcase.

05-01-19_11-00-36 PM.png

She told him that the other woman was her sister, Princess Sylvia H. Burghard, and that they shared their father’s strange taste for blood. Aunty Lee had already confessed to drinking from Captain Clarke.

05-01-19_10-58-55 PM.png

It was a beautiful trait of the Royal Divine Bloodline. A beautiful trait that had been passed down to the next heir – Princess Catarina.

05-01-19_11-01-42 PM.png

05-01-19_11-03-21 PM.png

His own flesh and blood, his own daughter, would grow to drink from humans just like her ancestors. It was horrific to the young man, he himself was a victim to this scary hunger, and his lover was not only not going to protect him from these devils, but she was one of these devils.

Captain Clarke was devastated. This was no way for his own kind to live. He wanted to do something about this, but Princess Matilda ran the Divine Shipping Company and it was very powerful, even the People from the Jungle tolerated the pirates because it brought gold and wealth and power into the jungle.

He was determined and terrified – a treacherous combination. He had influence with the pirates, he was well liked. There were other rumors from the villagers and pirates about night walkers and blood drinkers. He listened to the tales told to him.

05-02-19_12-52-14 PM.png

They’re relationship took a turn then, the Captain didn’t like how his daughter was being raised to be a bloodsucking vampire, but he had no say. Aunt Em was the Mother of the child, and therefor he was only the father and didn’t have much say in the matter. Aunt Em was the most powerful vampire alive and extremely strong. She could kill him. She could end his career, she could end their relationship and he’d have no right to see his child anymore if she didn’t want him to. He felt helpless.

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  1. audreyfld says:

    Awww. Captain Clarke, I fear your days are numbered….

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      cue the Jaws theme song!

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