It was the unthinkable. Their love was not what Captain Clarke thought it had been, what he dreamed it was. If his beloved could do this to him she was unstoppable. His heart exploded in pain and he wondered if she had killed him.

His beloved.jpg

his beloved bites.jpg

He didn’t feel his head smash onto the floor, and he didn’t hear a contented sigh of satisfaction from the vampire’s lips. It was betrayal like he’d never known before. It was heartbreak that could end a man. It was humiliation but it was a woman’s world and he was but only a small man that had lucked out and seduced the head of the Divine Shipping Company who was actually the living heir of the Royal Divine Bloodline and should be Queen of All the Lands if her family hadn’t been UnCrowned, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

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  1. audreyfld says:

    Did,she turn him or kill him???

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    1. fabtiffsim says:

      Like I’m going to spoiler alert you!!

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      1. audreyfld says:

        Hehe! 😈😈😈😈

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