The Knights of Consequence

Warning – I’m a twisted weirdo and I write a violent sims blog! Please practice self care.

Captain Clarke’s head was still spinning as he began to crawl, his eyes blinded and dark. He blinked and whimpered and squirmed like a worm until he found a door. He opened it and ran towards the bright light, stumbling and crying out her name.

Aunty Em.05-02-19_10-02-40 PM.png

05-02-19_10-03-18 PM.png

He slept away the pain for a few days. When he returned to work he had gossip and stories and fun jokes for his crew, the content of this talk was mostly the elite leader of the Divine Shipping Company – Aunt Em. The crew ate it up, laughing and carrying on until one day a shipment landed them in the same port at the same time as Aunt Em. At that time they kept their pirate mouths shut and behaved as well as a gang of thieving pirates did.

05-03-19_9-46-59 AM.png

The rumors that made it back to Captain Clarke were about a dark woman who was a healer of animals working out of a stable back in Windenburg Village. He suspected it to be Aunty Lee, the dark vampire that first fed off of his flesh.

He wished to travel to the dangerous city to find out for himself. Since the Uncrowning the Village of Windenburg had descended into chaos and desperation. But Captain Clarke was the only man to ever be granted the title of Captain, he had risen above and held some respect with the female captains, he was the father of a Princess. He remembered his dirty and poor roots and knew he would survive Windenburg.

05-03-19_12-33-02 PM.png

In Ol Windenburg Village Captain Clarke is successful in rounding up support for his radical ideas about equality for day walking men. He spreads the rumors that Aunty Em is a vampire and that the Royal Divine Bloodline had been vampires, and even the entire Political Party was either vampires or turned a blind eye to the night walking Burghard bloodline.

The Knights of Consequence are born. They start meeting wherever there is talk of animal healers. They start harassing anyone rumored to be a night walker, and they start getting violent.

05-09-19_4-01-03 PM.png

05-09-19_4-03-51 PM.png

Viktor Clarke and his secret Knights would harass any vampire, but in his heart he knew he was searching for only one. He kept this secret from Aunt Em that he had any involvement with the group that the people were talking about. But she didn’t worry about this group, she was strong and arrogant to the Captain.

They had other problems to take care of. Back in the village of Cacti Casa there was a strange illness spreading through the people, they believed it was an ancient curse from the relics being smuggled through their seaside port. It even spread to the Divine Shipping Company! Captain Clarke should have been focused on doing something to help his crew.

05-10-19_9-50-42 AM.png

But he was consumed with his hunt for the night walking she-devil that had bit him in the jungle. He followed the rumors of the animal healer in Windenburg Village, and it was here that he found her, and dragged her into the sun.

05-15-19_6-40-46 PM.png

He wanted to scare her, he wanted to take out his frustrations on her, and he wanted to hurt her. But his crew was even more fired up than he was, and things got quickly out of hand. He never meant for it to go this far…

05-20-19_12-20-28 PM.png


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  1. audreyfld says:

    I love the way this story has progressed from the ‘beginning’ of civilization to now. And violence seems right! It wasn’t civilized and it was survival of the fittest! So …. they killed her? Hmmmm……or tired to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      It’s mostly I keep finding new and insane mods that I have to try out

      Liked by 1 person

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