Baby Girl

Warning – there’s so much violence in my game! Please practice self care!

The young woman was artistic, quiet and sad, and now she was colder than she had ever remembered being in her life. She didn’t think she’d ever been this far into the village of Windenburg before, they were usually staying near the ships that carried them around from place to place, but she had been instructed by her Aunts to come with them.

So Baby Girl followed.

baby girl.jpg

She didn’t usually get many chances to see Aunt Em, the most mysterious and glamorous of her three aunts, but tonight they traveled together as a family.

her 3 aunts.jpg

She had learned early in life not to ask questions, just to do as she was told. So she followed her Aunts to a daunting cathedral she had only seen from a bathroom window, the Sanctum of Burghard, but they did not go through the dark wooden door, they went around to a back alley where there was a tunnel that lead under the street.the sanctum of burghard

05-15-19_3-14-24 PM.png

Aunty Jo and Aunty Lee had led Baby Girl down many tunnels that went under streets all of her life, and onto many ships that traveled back and forth, and into many cities along the water with many different kinds of people. Baby Girl had long ago grown unafraid of dark and lonely places.

05-15-19_3-23-35 PM.png

05-15-19_3-24-34 PM.png

Her Aunts took her through long hallways with little light, and so many doors. Finally they started going into the rooms and leaving shiny urns on stone pedestals in each one. She didn’t bother to ask who it was. But she let herself wonder about the strange cell in the big hall…

As they were leaving she managed to sneak a quick glance into a portion of what looked like a room with two urns, but why did this room need the bars? And all of the chairs outside the bars?

05-15-19_3-40-13 PM.png

But she didn’t know if she would ever learn more about the curious room – while they stayed in Windenburg Village they heard a rumor that night walkers were being harassed by people in robes with their faces covered, and one night walker was suspected dead.

05-20-19_1-27-02 PM.png

They made it back safely to Cacti Casa but they had not seen Aunty Lee yet. Aunt Jo was very worried and never before had Baby Girl seen this fear on any of her aunt’s faces. They clearly suspected that the dead night walker was Aunty Lee.

05-20-19_3-08-24 PM.png

Picking up and leaving in the middle of the day was not unusual to Baby Girl, but where her Aunts took her was a very big surprise.

The Palace Inland Train Line –

The Palace Inland Train line.jpg





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