Catherine Clark

*Blood and Violence! Sick ass Zombie sims! *

Catherine Clark could feel something in this new place. It wasn’t inside of the new house, it was outside by the waters, it was in the trees that were already planted and growing fruit, it was in the big rocks and cliffs she could see everywhere. She longed for something here… for someone…

06-21-19_4-02-01 PM.png

The House at Running Waters wasn’t anything special to her, she could feel something tug in her chest when she ran through the snow towards the rushing river.

She didn’t know that her oldest ancestors had “arrived” here and started the longest running family line in All of The Lands. She didn’t know that she was an heir in the long line of the Royal Divine Bloodline.

She knew fear and running though. She and her family ran to the train station again, and took another long train ride. She slept through the wagon ride too. She awoke to a town in a strange land with big skies and big red rocks. It was named after these big rocks and the hard hot ground that looked like the big red rocks. Red Earth.

Red Earth

They stayed here and she was allowed to have a life. But she didn’t feel like she had one. She was sad that the pirate had died, she was sad they had to run away. She was sad to be surrounded by people she didn’t know once again.

catherine clarke.jpg

She spent as much time as she could away from the village. She explored the areas around the town and saw strange things growing there.

07-16-19_2-35-54 PM.png

There were rumors that Jo Stein had located a member of the Knights of Consequence but Catherine did not know if it was true or not. Nobody would really care if she did anyway, there was no law out here in Red Earth. And the rumors weren’t clear about which woman was scarier – Jo Stein or Ms. Em.

the lab.jpg

And maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Catherine heard screaming and screaming from the village, sims must be running and yelling… when she came to the Inn there was Jo Stein and Ms. Em, and there was blood and there was a gruesome creature on the floor. Jo Stein appeared to have used her Dark powers to cast some kind of a spell over this wretch. She feared what the outcome would have been if these ancient women hadn’t been so terrifyingly violent.

Zpock Catherine.jpg

But Jo Stein still showed terror on her face. Ms. Em did not, and it was scarier than the actual creatures attacking the screaming sims. Ms. Em pulled out some giant cleavers and started whacking smoothly into it’s strange flesh. The creature howled and crumpled to the ground, adding to the horrible mess on the floors.

Zpock Catherine(1)

Zpock Catherine(2).jpg

Even the Sickly Flesh Eaters were terrified of Ms. Em. She was an ancient and wise Night Walker. She would be strong enough to defeat this evil, whatever it was. So Catherine ran off and eventually found herself locked in the tall house the Ms. Em had built for herself.

Ms. Em’s place was a tastefully and flamboyantly decorated house and Catherine had usually appreciated it’s warm and inviting environment, but today she appreciated it’s sturdy doors.

She had seen many of the people she knew torn at, the way vultures tear at their prey. She seen so many grow sick and collapse, the agony of their death, then the sick creature awoken and residing in the shell that was once a sim.

Zpock Catherine grieves.jpg

The doors were locked tightly, she hid against a wall, low to the ground, desperately trying to clear her mind of the flashes of red blood, and the pierce of a shrieking sim, the cold blue vein-ey flesh.

Zpock Catherine locked in.jpg

It started to rain. She cried for Jo Stein to help her. She had seen Gertie with her own eyes and hoped that this had not happened to her beloved Jo Stein as well.

She heard the rustle of skirts and wondered if she was alone in this house.






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