red earth (2).jpg

Catherine Clarke had come to this hot dusty lands only to be objected to violence and bloodshed. The horrific scene she had walked into involved a bloody but blue and terrifying woman under a vampire spell on the floor and Ms. Em slaughtering another one just like it was a fresh catch from the hunters.


But she had since seen them succumb to the strange illness being spread by these ghouls. They would turn to bite her if she hadn’t run quickly to what was Ms. Em’s house, and she locked the door.

Zpock Catherine locked in

But after some time the rain slowed, and she could hear footsteps. She could hear the swish of a skirt. But after a minute she could hear the person quietly talking to themself. It couldn’t be one of the sick. But she could still get sick. So Catherine picked herself up off the floor and snuck quietly out the door and down the back alley to The Butcher Shoppe.

Zpock the butcher

It was horrific in the Shoppe.  There was blood, there were hand prints, there were wet puddles, there were strange foods being displayed. She looked around the dark room and wondered if Ms. Em was more dangerous now as a flesh-eating demon or as a wild vampire?

Zpock butcher shop dirty.jpg

Zpock butcher shop dirty(1).jpg

She went up the stairs to Jo Stein’s lab. She had a sim trapped in a small room with big windows, he was dirty and probably hungry. There were books and glass tubes, and many other interesting objects that she knew nothing about. She was looking for anything that could help them against these sick sims.

the lab (2).jpg

the lab 2.jpg

She couldn’t figure the whole formula out herself. She was close, but not quite complete. She left Jo Stein’s lab and went down the stairs to the hall where Gertie Beebe’s rooms were.

It was there that she met Aney Ho’awa??? who had some knowledge of medicine and they created a strong tincture that could clean their wounds if they should acquire any.

Zpock Aney meets Catherine

They had both seen a lot of carnage and knew that most of their village was dead and walking around. They knew that the two of them could possibly be the last of what remained of Red Earth. Aney, this mysterious woman from the second floor, had a gun and they thought they had to try and escape. They couldn’t survive here. They would take their new medicine and they would run.

So they peaked out the window and decided to open the door and make a run for it.



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  1. audreyfld says:

    The walking dead…. dun dun dunnnn


    1. fabtiffsim says:

      haha yah those crazy zombies kickin’ my sims butts!

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