Jo Stein

Hello pals I have been playing with some very violent mods! So there’s blood and violence and strange paranormal things happening, please practice self care!

Zpock Catherine

Jo Stein had used the powers of Irresistable Slumber on one of the sick. Ms. Em was slaying them with two large cleavers. A few villagers were injured and starting to show signs of sickness. But Jo Stein was nowhere to be found when those villagers were so sick that they were as close to death as possible and then stood up and started attacking sims and stumbling off looking for more flesh to devour. Where had she gone?

Abduction at Red Earth.jpg

abduction in red earth.jpg

It happened so fast she barely registered what was happening until it was almost over. But she was fascinated by the technology she witnessed in the bright room with strange creatures. Jo Stein was invigorated by the white, clean and sterile environment where sims could be studied and observed.

She found herself on the outskirts of the village, safely standing and feeling determined. She felt that somehow these beings communicated some knowledge to her, she wished to study this fascinating phenomena but she knew she had to act quickly. These were no longer the sims they knew. They were no longer alive.

So she made her way to a closet she knew held a gun. She loaded the gun and started tracking the walking death sims. She made her way down the narrow street to the Butcher Shoppe she ran with Ms. Em.

Zpock Jo shooting rampage.jpg

Zpock Gertie (3)

She was merciless. She shot for the head, knowing that she had to destroy the brain to destroy the sim. She shot what was once her family members. She shot the people she cared about the most. She was covered in blood, and it dripped as she stomped around to the Inn by the smoky pond. She took on half of the village, all black and blue, strips of skin and muscle hanging from their slack mouths. She had taken out Gertie, Ms. Em, Arthur L. Lee and many more villagers before she had taken on too many nips and nibbles and scratches and she fell to the ground, the cold freezing burn of death running through her ancient veins.

Zpock Jo Stein dies.jpg


Zpock at Red Earth.jpg

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  1. audreyfld says:

    Oh wow! This can’t be the end …. can it?

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