Aney Ho’awa lived down the hall from the beautiful artist Gertie Beebe and they were getting along wonderfully, Aney had met her through a man that she was flirting with, Arthur L. Lee.

Aney was very interested in being friends with Gertie but it was never to be.

 Aney was terrified of the horrible screaming she heard all over the village. It was not just night walkers anymore, they had horrific blue skin and bloody sores on their body. She locked herself in the bathroom to catch her breath.

Vpock Aney

She only comes out of the room when she hears that a light footed sim was in the house, and stayed for quite a while. Aney was forced by hunger to open the door, and she found a young woman. Aney was so distraught from a long night of terror alone in her room, but when the girl started rambling about what she had read in the secret lab upstairs, and Aney recognized the medical tincture that this young Catherine was trying to describe, she was able to help the girl to mix together a strong medicine that could help clean their wound if either one of them were bit by the sick. Maybe they could escape together?

Zpock Aney meets Catherine.jpg

They make it down the big red hill and into a town without meeting any more new sick sims. They instead meet a strange looking man with eyes deep and dark like a pit. He says his name is Red Eye Charlie.

They all decide that their best chance is together, just in time to watch the monsters come meandering down the hill and begin feeding off of the townspeople.

It’s awful and scary. Aney feels the weight of all of the death deep in her chest. She is so very sad. So is young Catherine. She’s not fully grown, and confesses to Aney and Red Eye Charlie that she is actually a night walker, and while she has no intention of harming either one of them, she is growing very hungry.


Aney is very worried about this news. Catherine is young and can not be left on her own, but she is also dangerous. Aney knows they can not abandon her, but the thought of making a life in this world and having to be a night walker as well was heartbreaking to Aney. She felt depressed for the young woman.

Catherine was getting older and yet not stronger, she looked like she was growing weaker. She came to Aney to tell her that while she had no intention of harming the woman, she could now hear her heart beating from across the room.


Aney is frightened, but she recognizes that this young sim is coming to her for help. She has no parents and no one to guide her. Catherine tells her that she only wants to live in a happy home, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

No one should be out hunting for blood when the sickly were out hunting for flesh. The young night walker can’t go out there. She must feed off of Red Eye Charlie if she must feed off of someone. Catherine agrees.

Aney is heartbroken that Red Eye Charlie will have to go through this, but it was much more acceptable to sacrifice a man to the hungry girl.

One day after she had grown and signed up to fight the sickly, Catherine never came home. She had been investigating the town, and the sickness and the nature of her own dark hunger. Aney feared the worst. The girl must be dead. All she could do was hope that she wasn’t infected with the sickness.

is catherine dead_.jpg

In the end it did not matter for Aney couldn’t fight off an attack and was infected. She collapsed to the ground and quickly died from her injury.

death of the line.jpg



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  1. audreyfld says:

    Ohhh. Well … there are some survivors. Poor Red Eue Charlie. A snack for Catherine. And Catherine probably lives…..

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