The death of The Divine

Heads up there’s death and dead bodies and zombies and blood and fire in this story, just in case you like to know!

Catherine wanted a family. She wanted to have a child. She wanted to have a husband and a family. She never got to have much of a family her whole life and she craved it. But these times were rife with dangers and horrors. She wanted to make it safe first.

So when she met a woman telling her that they were fighting against the sickly, and that she could be a part of the solution it was an easy decision for her to join them. She was ready for adventure, and she wanted to know her new home.


She was reading a book about vampires that she had come across when their troop cleaned out the town library. She was fascinated with this town. So Red Eye Charlie came to her to tell her about a strange note he received. He said he was confused about what it meant but that she would be interested in what it said.

the note.jpg

It spoke of a strange organization investigating an infection. Maybe this was where she could find out more about the sickly and help put a stop to the spread of the dead disease? It mentioned that they should stay away from the secret lab. She had read in her rescued book that there were ancient stories involving an explosion, a crater and possibly a secret lab. She went out to find it.

But she wasn’t sure what she found. It was a strange machine, but it looked nothing like the train that she had traveled on as a child. It looked like a bird.


It wasn’t quite what she was looking for. She kept searching and one night found the crater! Catherine had seen a lot of things in her life that were too big to comprehend, and yet this place still made her mind feel blank.

the secret lab.jpg

She had never ever seen any building like this. The technology this town had was overwhelming to Catherine. But she found a door and went into the strange building. She searched until she found a strange looking door, it had lights and beeping. Catherine took a deep breath and bent down to get a better look at this magical contraption.

the secret lab door.jpgthe lab door.jpg

She didn’t get behind the door, but she knew what she needed to find to get this door to open up. She needed a strange card, much like a business card. She should look for it back in town, ask around and figure out what she needed for sure. She had every intention of standing in front of this door in the near future.

But there was a massive breakout, the sickly came down upon them with the speed of molasses. And many were being struck by lightning, and some went up in flames, and some even exploded like a stick of dynamite. They weren’t really in danger of being attacked but the horde was intimidating and disorienting – Catherine was lost in a sea of dead bodies, all awaiting their turn to be seen by the Grim Reaper. It was a slow process and there were so many to get entered into the system, anyone not affected were terrifed and stuck in a panic. Catherine didn’t notice the sun coming up until it was much too late.

Her mind had gone numb from trauma. She was confused and absolutely horrifed by what was going on all around them. She couldn’t even feel the pain of the hot desert sun until her clothes went up in flames.

death of catherine.jpg

the death of catherine.jpg

Catherine Clarke died that morning, ending The Divine Royal Bloodline that had started with just a woman and her slave. She had never made an heir and the history lost to her other than an aching heart when she lived near the little river as a child. She died not knowing of her ancient ancestors. At this point in the spread there seemed to be more sick than alive, and it was unknown how many night walkers remained.



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