Fresh Blood

The Divine Royal Bloodline had been wiped out, except for one stray zombie – Jo Stein  who was still technically walking the Red Earth but the family was technically dead. But was that all?

No. Luvlis Bearheart- The Great Mother, and The First Born – was reborn as Luvlis Bree’Hart.

She awoke on the ground, it was a burnt orange, both in nature and from the flames surrounding her. She had just survived a plane crash, but she knew nothing before that moment. She knew who she was, and she knew she had a formula that she must create. She did not need to know where this knowledge came from. She was here with a purpose and she did not feel any need to explain herself to any sim.

Two men ran up and helped put out the flames of the giant machine. Once the flames were out their attention turned towards her and they stared.

A Crash(1).jpg

They were asking her if she was alright. One sim knew her name, but the other man seemed afraid but yet, excited. He thought she was there to save them, he kept ranting about saving them all. She didn’t know if she was there to save everyone…

But the sim that knew her name was who she focused on. She knew his name too, he had flown this strange machine called an aeroplane and she knew that his mission was to help her. Henry Big Waters – Roki Big Waters reborn, the First to Walk the Lands, they were reunited and only knew it as a tickle in the back of their brains, a “knowing” each other already.

Henry Big Waters.jpg

But the ranting sim was not wrong, they had been sent to save everyone. She needed to get to work discovering the exact nature of the formula and how to spread it to as many sims as she could. She only knew that she would figure out how, she didn’t know how that part happened but she didn’t need to. She was consumed with an unshakeable faith.

A crash.jpg

A Crash(2).jpg

She might have faith, but she does not yet have the knowledge. She must get to work soon. She can not be overwhelmed by the responsibility that she faces now.

The excited sim tells her that he has a house not far away, they can stay, they would have to scrounge up whatever she might need for supplies. But he had not seen the women he lived with in many days and he was positive the sick had taken over most of the population at this time.

They gathered some supplies, they got a feel for the nearby land, and when Luvlis couldn’t find any plants she wanted to travel further away to find some. Everyone else thought it was very dangerous, but Luvlis insisted that she must study the plants to find the right ones! They must travel to find something!

i need to see the plants!.jpg

Red Eye Charlie – the excited sim – was able to lead them to the crater, and they easily found the lab. Luvlis quickly figured out the serum and they were able to leave, but she still insisted she needed to be studying the plants!

They built a home with Red Eye Charlie, and they stocked up on supplies, and they built things, and they secured things, and prepared for some kind of an excursion. Luvlis knew she needed to see more plants, she needed to learn more about the plants.

As they prepared travelers came and went, people were looking for safety, or answers, or food. One traveler stayed, Agatha Wildrock and she was the first that Luvlis got to test her medicine on. It was successful, the young woman survived. Luvlis was glad for this, she had one more reason for making a safe space for the un-sick.

After Rashida Bree’Hart – the charming baby girl born to Luvlis Bree’Hart – was born they had everything they needed, and the community built a secret checkstop for travelers – Creek Corner Cove. They packed everything up and prepared to launch a new life from there. It was a difficult journey but they made it successfully.

creek corner cove attack.jpg

creek corner cove.jpg





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