The End.

Friends! There is mention of suicide and violence and supernatural and silliness! Don’t read stuff you don’t want to!

creek corner cove (2).jpg

The little community made their way out further into the desert by train, and truck and walking, leaving behind Creek Corner Cove.

They settled in these new lands, building a safe new home. The Bree’Hart Compound was a beautiful location and well protected from the sick. But life was not easy, it was still very dangerous leaving the compound, and they didn’t have much interaction outside from the few people in the compound. It was common for people to feel so hopeless that they were taking their own lives, Red Eye Charlie was one of these people, it was such a devastating situation. It was a hard place to raise a child but creating more healthy sims was a priority.

There were other dangers than the hopelessness of the raging infection, there was the sims that were raging with infection. There were infected walking around with their entire bodies engulfed in flames, there were colorful spirits, flashing lights, loud explosions. There were injuries, bites, deaths… even Luvlis had her own close encounters but they were a very strong people.


The weather was growing even hotter. Some sims in the community were falling and perishing from the heat alone, Luvlis’s daughter – Rahsida “Ri Ri” Bree’Hart – was one of them.


Luvlis felt her heart that was once filled with love and pride, explode with the heat of the very sun that took her daughter’s life. But the community was still lucky – Luvlis was pregnant with her second child.

All they needed was a new heir, she knew it. She needed to have a baby girl.

Luvlis didn’t have a baby girl, she had twin baby boys. She loved them, but this was a disappointment. They could never carry the bloodline of the Divine Feminine, but she could raise them to be strong, respectful men who could make strong, respectful fathers, and hopefully they would have baby girls.

They would spend much of their time in the woods, in The Bunker. It was quiet and safe, even though the infection seemed to have spread everywhere the community went. Luvlis had built a safe little space to meet and discuss strategy to fight the infectious.

the bunker

Luvlis's office

But Luvlis was growing old and frail. They didn’t have a cure for the infection, and her only daughter had fallen victim to the desert sun. She spoke openly of her fears – that her time was coming fast and her boys wouldn’t be prepared well enough to lead the community. Not like a daughter would have been.

luvlis old

Luvlis Bree’Hart died an old woman. She had no daughters. The infected sims swarmed into every place there ever was. All of the sims in All of the Lands were eventually consumed by the disease that brought the dead back to life. The Divine Bloodline had failed twice! All was lost. All of The Lands were devoured and entire cities collapsed into themselves with disrepair. With nothing to eat, and no more wounds to infect, the infected became a sea of disgusting rotted flesh that moved like waves, or the wind on a field of tall grass. It stayed this way, for the infected could not die twice.

The planet would continue to spin and revolve around it’s star, and time would continue to move, the infected would continue to roam, but the entire planet was overwhelmed. It stayed that way for the rest of eternity.


Yo my friggin’ bloodline died twice in this attempt hahahaha so I thought in all fairness, I had failed to reach modern society but I did not lose! It was a wonderful time that I dedicated many days and much research into, it was a part of my #PrehistoryParty build competition, and it taught me how to blog! I plan on starting a whole new legacy story with some new ideas, and I am super stoked that ANYONE even read this!!! What a fun treat for me! I hope someone will read some of my next story!



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  1. audreyfld says:

    Standing O. I loved the way you progressed through the ages. From the beginning of times to the end of times. Well done. It’ll be watching for your next adventure! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fabtiffsim says:

      You’re just … too nice! What kind words for a little addicted weirdo like me! I think I got a little too caught up in how to progress civilization, I have neglected the new packs with too much technology hahaha #obsessed

      Liked by 1 person

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