Recently wordpress just changed and I can’t figure out all the new pages and stuff. So everything is still under construction.

This is where I share my Sims 4 stories! Check out the Cal’Dasha legacy, an Amazon Legacy Challenge – Amazon Challenge Rules

And this is where you can read the story without seeing any posts about the other stuff – Cal’Dasha

But the Cal’Dasha got cancelled because my game crashed haha but I’ve started the same challenge with added inspiration taken from the History Challenge it’s the Ojas Tribe, and the creator is Akia Ojas.

I’m also learning to model – Learning to Model

I’m also into building! I’m no expert, but I’m super into it. I like lots of CC but I’ve also built without it. I’m hoping to start a build competition on the Sims 4 forums that focuses on building ancient or early history sort of builds, but I’m still testing the waters and trying to pump up some interest! Check out my Builds page!


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  1. EddieSims says:

    Hey, I nominated you to participate in the Memory Lane Challenge. https://sloanelegacy.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/memory-lane-challenge/

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