Sometimes I like to participate in the build challenges but I like to use CC so I don’t enter, I just want someone to look at my hard work! I just do it for the glory 😉

Here’s a library I built for my Cal’Dasha tribe! – The Hall of Enlightenment

A temple I built in Windenburg.  – Sacred Waters

(It’s actually a pool but there’s a religious feel to it)

My attempt at a castle-inspired build! It’s really just a fancy rest stop for visitors to the ruins haha! – The Forgotten Fort

One of my favorites for my Cal’Dasha tribe! – Temple Malana

More spiritual swimming –  The Quarry

The Lake House – a sweet cabin on a lake!

The Hall Of Enlightenment .2 – a redo

The Pink Oasis – a building challenge that I did not win but learned a lot from haha

The Grey Box – my only modern build ever. In the history of my life

BnS52 The Hewes-Kesslers – one of my favorite attempts at a town house

Anasazi Temple – when I started the Ojas tribe I decided to rebuild and repopulate the whole town. Everything is being rebuilt in whatever “time period” the tribe is in at the time. This is an ancient temple. IT IS ONE OF MY BEST BUILDS!

Visiting White Rock – the sacred white rocks where the water is falling

The Monk’s Brewery – another pyramid build where ancient monks prayed and brewed beer. It’s quiet and peaceful here!

The Ojas Sacred Grounds – A darker build. Still mostly rock, but it’s where the Ojas sacrifice the Sheba!

The Pirate’s Cave – On the sunny shores of the river that runs through Granite Falls is a cave. If you enter you’ll find a staircase that leads you to a secret hideout!

Helfavatn and the Solveig Family – I needed a little backstory for The Pirate’s Cave, so here is another family to live in my Ojas world! And their beautiful little home.

The Temple of Anu – A mysterious little cell where the ancient Anu will worship! OOOhhh scary! Who are the ancient Anu?!

The Monk’s House – The Fae’Lann monks live down the street from the Ojas and they have a beautiful temple to live in!

Puta El Secreto – A dark rock in the middle of the hot desert. A mysterious place where the waters can heal and soothe your aching bones.

Tenebres El Sorores – The dark house in the woods

The Ojas Manor – The Lady Sanchas builds a large manor for her family. It’s a large home on the cliffs by the sea!

The Bluffs – a secret temple in the basement, where the Ojas sacrifice their Sheba men. But upstairs it’s a pleasant place to visit!