Shine bright like a diamond

Prana Shaan has to sell diamonds. Or atleast this shoot has to showcase some bling. I really liked these shots even tho none of them made the cut! But this one did:

Fairytale Makeover

Modern Fashion and Modeling has a new challenge, Fairytale Princess and I got African Princess (which I loved because I have so much CC for my Cal’Dasha ladies, I had everything I already needed haha!) I actually used an EA dress too, which I never do but this one was perfect. I usually hate the…

Prana Shaan

The decades challenge on the Modern Fashion and Modeling Comp I chose the 70s decade (obviously haha) (actually I hope that its obvious…!)

Prana Shaan – my newest model

Got talked into joining another comp on the forums – Modern Fashion and Modeling Her name is Prana Shaan, she’ll live with Chaz and Turtle in the model house. It’s an interesting comp you should take a peak.