I wanna learn how to sim model!


There are sooo many fun comps on the site for modeling, and I’ve always lurked a little but I want to learn how they’re doing it! I’m making my first attempts on paint, and if I end up liking it I’ll try out gimp, and take it from there. I’m gonna be super bad but I’m gonna learrrrrrn! This is where to find JUST the modeling blog posts Learning to Model

I’ve been participating in 2 different comps at the sims 4 forums right now:

Next Rising Star chaz final mag cover

FINISHED! Last place haha but learned alot!!


Mr Macho

vogue cover final.png

Dropped out because I started learning gimp and it was too hard. I think I’ve got a better handle on it now so I’ve entered


Sims Next Top Model

Using Turtle DiMarco in Sims Next Top Model

turtle headshot final.png

Turtle DiMarco’s Makeover


Using Prana Shaan in-

Modern Fashion & Modeling Competition

prana headshot2

Prana Shaan

Fairytale makeover


Cutest Couple Competitioncouple3

The Cursed Witch’s final breath