Archie Davis had another photoshoot, styled from the 1940s. And I didn’t read the rules right and did the wrong kind of shot haha so I’ll do it again haha but here’s what I came up with first time around.   This is what I tried to enter but alas, I am not so smart….

Fashion Time Warp

Archie Davis is in a new competition: Fashion Time Warp I actually hate the flapper style. It’s so unflattering on anyone other than skinny white girls haha so my curvy mocha model had a hard time finding something that didn’t make her look prego. But this dress was nice, but even nicer with the fur!…

It’s business time!

Archie Davis in her Strictly Business photoshoot. I didn’t think I would like a business photoshoot to be honest, I thought it was boring. But with her funky hair and accessories I ended up really liking it, and I worked on a different outfit too haha This was the shot I submitted. She looks like…

Boho Chic

I’m only in the one competition now, Miss Fashionista. And here’s my entry for hippy child.   Here’s some out-takes!

The Liebster Award

I love getting nominated for these things haha I ask the silliest questions though, so if you get nominated by me, my apologies (sorrynotsorry), but I’m gonna ask you ridiculous things! Here’s the blog that nominated me: Theoriesofhappiness also known as Cornucopia of Simlit Thanks for nominating me! I love these things, they just silly!…


I got eliminated from one comp (haha apparently I stink at modeling haha) but I’m still in the Fashionista Comp. Here’s some of my Tomboy pics.   Here’s my actual entry:

Snow and Ice

  I liked this styling best, I wanted her in a big ol’ fur coat looking like the Queen of the Ice Age or something, but I couldn’t really get this big fur coat to work out. Gawd, I loved her hair like this too… Here’s what I ended up with: I lost it on…


Archie Davis had to do a shoot involving her twin self. She also picked a “twist” which was to have purple/pink hair. Here’s some of the extra pics from her shoot!   Here’s her official entry! I totally dig how that crazy hair twist turned out for her!


Archie Davis workin’ hard. I wanted to use this pic, but she looks like she’s gotta pee or something. Plus look at dat mess on her foot, sheesh… This photo shoot was for the On Location Modeling comp on the forums. I went with this one instead: it’s like, 5 pics all blended together so…

On Location

Archie Davis has entered another modeling comp so here’s another full body shot of her! The requirements were blue shirt, white pants, full body. So here she is!


Assignment No. 1 Mismatched! I’m so bad at taking more than one pic and then trying to edit them together. But I may have figured it out this time! There’s one tiny part on her belly where you can see some edit problems but don’t tell the judges!! She’s probably one of my favorite models…

Meet Archie Davis

I took a wee break from model comps (I think there was some drama and I ain’t got time for that shit, so I just sat out for a while. Everything seems to have blown over as far as I can tell so I’m interested in hoppin’ back in!) So I’ve entered The Miss Fashionista…